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11/11 Wishes Coming True!

Today is November 11th! It's so exciting to hear good news in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde, which is often pretty horrible...

Below I have compiled a list of wishes coming true for each of the zodiac signs today. I hope today brings you more blessings than you had even wished and hoped for!


Earth Signs

  • Virgo- Have you been wishing for a relationship? Well, there are deep feels today! You're understanding the relationships between all things and how you're connected to all that exists! (maybe it's not the relationship you want, but it's feeling intensely in relationships nonetheless).

  • Taurus- Today you're the soccer mom who has her shit together that everyone is low-key jealous of and talks shit about. You're coming across as having it all together and can actually get your shit together today.

  • Capricorn- Being non-committed to any specific thing, but experiencing love in and for all the things. You wanted lots and lots of love, well here it is (all spread out amongst different people, hobbies, sentimental treasures you keep, etc.)!

Air Signs

  • Libra- Today is the day that you can manifest whatever you want! The trouble is you might accidentally be manifesting the things you DON'T want by focusing on them. Try right now to feel the feelings you would, if you had what you truly wanted in this moment and it might become your reality sooner than later! Today is a powerful manifestation day for you, so make sure you're attracting what you really want!

  • Gemini- Better balance between work and life, in your finances, in your emotional states of being is here for you (provided you don't give into anxiety instead of embracing it)!

  • Aquarius- Excitement, fun, adventure, the wind in your hair, passion- your #mondayMantra is all about thrills! Have the most fun in the world today, you deserve it (also call in sick for tomorrow just so you can truly make the most of today)!

Water Signs

  • Cancer- If you wanted to have a psychic awakening or to develop your own innate psychic skills, today is the day! You are super connected to the higher powers that be, so use them however you choose (personally, I like to ask which slot machines are ripe for the winnings at the casino, but you whatever you do...)!

  • Scorpio- You wished that things wouldn't change, so they won't today! Unless, of course, you decide to change them. #freewill

  • Pisces- Better balance between work and life, in your finances, in your emotional states of being is here for you (provided you don't give in to anxiety instead of embracing it)!ay, it's happening!

Fire Signs

  • Leo- You asked for a challenge because you get bored without them... Well, that's a wish come true! Nothing is derailed today, it's just delayed... It's keeping you busy and enthused, even though it's annoying.

  • Sagittarius- Just like Cancer, you have a very psychically tuned in day! Have you wanted to learn how to see auras, or to become clairaudient? Today is much easier for you to become more psychic and to hone those skills! If you're already tuned in, it's an awesome day to use them to your advantage. Are you going to spy on what other people are doing today psychically? Make smart intuitive investments in the stock market?

  • Aries- All play and no work... Yay! You have the day off per the universe (In case your boss is asking, the universe doesn't write notes to excuse your absence though...).

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