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2020: Lessons From the Last Decade and What's Coming in the Next Decade For Your Zodiac Sign

Hindsight is 2020 right? What was the biggest lesson for your zodiac sign over the last ten years? Did you fully learn it? Are you ready for what is coming next? Many of the zodiac signs have a really beautiful and exciting decade ahead! Find out what the next ten years have to offer YOU!

Sometimes we will resonate more with our moon sign energy than our sun sign's energy. Make sure that you read up on what your moon sign can expect (the moon sign represents your emotional self). If you're wondering what career, money or work will look like for you, read up on your rising sign as well!


The last decade was about not moving forward because clear goals were not defined, or because they weren't the right goals for your life path. The next decade for Aries is about listening to spiritual messages when things aren't going in your favor, in order to get what you need to feel safe, balanced and content.


The last decade for Sagitttarius was about taking control of situations you can and understanding that where you feel like you can't, that it's only an illusion. You aren't now and haven't been as constricted as you believe. You're only a prisoner to your situation if you decide that's your truth. In the next decade, you'll be reflecting on the sweetness in the little things that bring you joy.


The last decade for Leo was about learning that what you thought you wanted wasn't ACTUALLY what you wanted. This decade is taking the heartbreaks of the last decade and those hard truths to go and create for yourself the love, the friendships, the job, and lifestyle you TRULY desire.


The last decade for Taurus is all about the things that weren't said that are truly important to you. Can you imagine how things would be different if you'd been clear about how you felt when you felt it, and what mattered most to you? The next decade is about committing to not only discerning what you think and how you feel but communicating it so that you no longer have to feel unhappy in any situation.


The last decade for Virgo was about curveballs and transitions. The next decade is about sticking things out, whether you do or don't want to run away from them. It's a time period to teach you that you may not always feel confident about HOW to do things, but they're still worth doing if you know WHY you're trying to do them.


The last decade wasn't very Capricorn-y in the traditional sense. It was about unstable work environments, not having a solid ten-year financial plan, not feeling comfortable in your own power, BUT the next decade is about seeing you can dream bigger than you think! So get to dreaming!


This last decade wasn't fair to you, it was sad and it sucked in many ways. In the next decade though, because of all the bullshit of the last one, you're comfortable with change, with endings and new beginnings and you can take anything and EVERYTHING on successfully.


Over the course of the last decade, you didn't get to make all the choices, you didn't get to control all the things that happened to you and in your life. However, Pisces, this next decade is all about your success and you get to take FULL credit for that!


Scorpio didn't get the love they deserved in the last decade, and they got so used to living like that, they actually stopped worrying about it. The next decade though, you get all the love and everything else that you want. So, lucky you!


So what you thought was going to be your life ended up not to be the life you got, Libra... The next decade is full of excitement, surprises, and adventure! This time it's still unknown but a more exciting unknown!


I can't lie and say any of the unhappiness that you've carried from the last decade isn't going to move forward into the next, Gemini. If you pray, if you ask the universe for what you want and spiritualize your dreams you CAN and you WILL leave it all in the past and obtain all that you've ever dreamed of. Go make a vision board!


In the last decade you left people and things you cared about behind because you felt you needed to. In the upcoming decade, Aquarius, there will be rewards that are given to you but you have to have your eyes open to recieve those blessings. If you're not open eyed and open minded, you're going to miss them!

Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well! If you're not sure why your sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, here's a video to explain.

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