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3 Major Issues You'll Be Facing In Mercury Retrograde & How To Cope

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

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This mercury retrograde has been hitting way harder than I expected on the emotional and motivational fronts! The more that I share about my feelings on it, the more that others have been sharing their experiences and feelings so far. We still have a ways to go in this current astrological situation (Mercury Retrograde ends on November 20th, but there's a shadow period after as well), so if you're suffering right now as well, I wanted to help the best way I know how... With a tarot reading of course!

Click here if you'd rather watch a video on the content I am about to provide you with below

This tarot reading covers the three most common sentiments thus far that are causing discomfort. You may be experiencing just one of them, or maybe a combination of them.

If what is getting you down is NOT one of these three, leave a note in the comments and perhaps if there are many common issues that you all are experiencing I will make another video and blog post!

This post should help you cope with the astrology this month if in this Mercury Retrograde you are feeling like:

  1. You're seeing things differently than before, and specifically like no one around you is capable to get things done correctly

  2. There's a strong urge to point out other people's fuck-ups

  3. Despite your efforts, you're not moving forward, you're stagnant and not moving in the  direction of your dreams (or even questioning what the fucking point of anything is) 

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If you are experiencing #1, "I don't need help from anyone, I am completely capable." is an affirmation statement or mantra that works pretty great in some circumstances, but it's not going to work very well in most of them this month. Replacing this mindset with a positive affirmation such as "No person, place, or thing can irritate me, or annoy me. I choose to be at peace now." will help a great deal.

Sure there is fear that other people will mess things up, but fully committing to our fear in this area isn't changing circumstances to make things better. We remain stressed when we are focused on our fears. Try and relinquish some control and focus your energy on no more than your top five priorities on any given day during the retrograde period. Delegate anything else on your to-do list to someone else. They might not complete the tasks perfectly, but at least they will get done, and to be honest with so much on your plate you're not likely to have the energy and capacity or focus to get them correctly completed or completed at all on your own. Let go, and hand the reins to someone else.

Letting go of a need to control things is a tricky thing to do (I'm deeply concerned for everyone with Virgo in their natal chart right now, and sending lots of love). Remember when you're attempting to do this, that it's important to love and accept yourself. Allowing other people to help you, and asking for help from others, is not admitting or indicating that you're a failure. If loving and accepting yourself as you currently are is a challenge, ask your spirit guides and angels to help you with this!

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So, hypothetically, let's consider that other people might already know they fucked up and don't need to be told... Perhaps, if they don't know it already, they will realize it soon. Maybe it's not our job to let them know either. It could be part of their growth process to make mistakes and if we don't stay in our lane we could be interfering with their path to improvement. 

Although there's temporary gratification in releasing our disgust or dissatisfaction to their face impulsively, it's not long-lasting and not particularly helpful for yourself or the other party. The following positive affirmation that can be used as a mantra which you can silently chant to yourself can help you cope with this impulse: "As I forgive myself it becomes easy to forgive others." 

You might be wondering how this can help if you're not the person who fucked up; but it's also possible you're being a little judgy, that you may have contributed to or played a part in this conflict, or in the events leading up to it as well...

If you can find a way to forgive yourself for any reason related to this, maybe you can handle the situation a little bit differently; a way that has less of an angry and frustrated vibe attached to it. 

"I realize when I make a mistake that it's only part of a learning process" is another affirmation you can use to help you forgive yourself, and one you can remind yourself about the person who made a mistake or pissed you off. 

If this is STILL challenging, because some frustrations are just that large; try channeling deceased loved ones or ancestors. If you aren't into channeling the dead, try and remember a story about an elder in your life has done in the distant past that doesn't make a lot of sense or seems stupid now in current times. People don't know what they don't know. Sometimes people think they are doing the right thing because they are doing the best that they can with the skills and knowledge that they currently have (which might not seem sufficient, but nonetheless, is what it is).

Now, let's take this a step deeper still, since reflecting on the past and healing old wounds is the point of a Mercury Retrograde in the first place. Do you have any regrets? Is there anything in your past that you wish you'd have handled differently? Forgive yourself remembering that maybe you didn't know then what you know now. 

Forgiving others does NOT make what they did OKAY, but it might not always be our place to run around screaming at them telling them how bad they fucked up; also it usually doesn't help the situation. There are no time machines available YET...  

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"What is the fucking point?" is a good question, to be honest...

Sometimes it IS time to quit, but more often it's time to learn... If we can remember why we do the things we do and want the things we want, we can start to shift our mindset away from frustration.

A positive affirmation you can use is: "I'm willing to learn. The more I learn, the more I grow. No matter how old I am I can always learn more, and I can do it with confidence" 

Positive self-talk isn't going to be a quick fix on its own though. The trick to this energy is not only learning what's not working for us but further exploring why we're feeling the way we do. Is this a temporary energy? If you haven't been feeling this way for three or more weeks, it's more likely than not that it's astrology's fault and not a 100% accurate emotion. 

Assessing the situation and acquiring the information that we determine we need to learn and grow from, to feel back on track towards achieving our dreams is only the first step though. You can have all of the information in the world, but it has zero value if you're not applying it to your life and making necessary changes to your plans.  

Here's an example of how the Mercury Retrograde period can trick you:

  • CURRENT MINDSET: You're having a hard time all of a sudden acquiring and connecting with new clients so you feel like you should quit, give up and that you're just not meant for this path anymore because you no longer find joy in it.

  • CURRENT MINDSET: You work so hard with zero results lately...

  • MINDSET TO ADOPT: Is it possible that your would-be clients are going through some Mercury Retrograde shit of their own? Maybe because of the current astrology they just don't have the energy to find you and connect at this moment. Maybe when the energy softens and lifts you will be busier than ever! 

Shifting to a healthier mindset can work wonders, but ought additionally ask your angels to help you make additional healthy decisions right now. Maybe you need more sleep and rest, some sun or more vegetables in your diet to feel your best. Whether it's your self-talk or mindset that is destructive right now, or something physical, spiritual or emotional is amiss, continuing onward without addressing your health issues isn't sustainable for long. A healthier day-to-day lifestyle will help you avoid destructive chaos and collapse that is otherwise likely to occur before the Mercury Retrograde ends on November 20th. 

While focusing attention on your health first doesn't inherently seem as if it will push you along your path towards your goals (especially in a "no pain, no gain" society), it's what will give you the fuel you need for the marathon. No sprinting allowed until the Retrograde commences.  

Is the Mercury Retrograde messing you up in other ways? Let me know in the comment section! Maybe we can make a follow-up post and/or video to help with your Mercury Retrograde problems!

Please let me know how things go if you decide to try any of these solutions!

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