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4 Great Crystals That Will Help You to Get Rich!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

CHA-CHING! Who knew being obsessed with crystals could pad your pocketbook? It truly can! In this post, I'm going to share four great stones for attracting wealth, as well as tell you a few great ways to use them!!


The first stone up for examination is Pyrite, aka "Fool's Gold"; but you're definitely not a fool if you use this stone to increase your cash flow. It is well known to attract material abundance, help boost your confidence, clear and balance energy, and increase your potential. All those vibe raising qualities are perfect for financial comfort!

Read more about Pyrite here.


Up next is Green Calcite. First things first, green is the color of money!!

Green Calcite is known for aiding rapid manifestation; that means if you're putting it out to the Universe that you're ready and attracting some serious moo-la, this stone is going to help it become a reality faster for you!

Read more about Green Calcite here.


Black Tourmaline is super awesome and supportive!! It attracts a bunch of angels to you, helps with business, and stimulates goal achievement! The more you achieve, the more you earn, right?

Black Tourmaline is also perfect for grounding you. You'll be so successful with the help of this stone!

Read more about Black Tourmaline here.


Last but not least is Aventurine! I already made the "green is the color of money" point with the Green Calcite.. But it applies here too. Aventurine has an effect on your luck and opportunies! It also balances your give-and-take with friends and family, as well as helps you open your heart; raising your vibe to manifest good things!

Read more about Aventurine here.


These crystals can be used in several amazing ways.

Pyrite is a great stone to place in front of a tip jar to increase people's willingness to tip.

Place Black Tourmaline on your desk at work to create a better work vibe.

All of these crystals would be excellent in a crystal grid geared toward manifesting wealth; complemented with clear quartz to increase energy. All of these stones also would be great worn as jewelry or kept in your pocket (don't wear black tourmaline if you're trying to lose weight though)! I personally wear a pyrite bracelet and find it helps me attract wealth daily!


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