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Abundance Hacks: Attract More Money with Less Effort!

There are lots of ways to fix your relationship with money and start attracting more! It can seem hopeless or daunting but there are many quick simple tricks that you can implement RIGHT NOW to start to fix your money situation.


Money Mindset Makeover

One way to start attracting money much more quickly and easily, is to change the way that you think about money. If your belief system is that money is the root of all evil, or that you don't like money, you're going to have a very hard time attracting it. A super easy way to shift your mindset is to express a lot of joy and gratitude while you are paying your bills. That might seem irrational, but aren't you grateful and thankful that you can pay your Internet bill? Aren't you super grateful and thankful that you can at least pay half of your phone bill so that it doesn't get shut off tomorrow? We are given more of what we are thankful for! So when we fix the way we think about handling our bills, then we start to shift into more ease in paying them! You wouldn't keep giving to a person that never says "thank you", and the universe doesn't either.

Gratitude = Green

If you gratitude journal, don't forget to give thanks for the money you do have! (here's my blog post about expressing gratitude even when things suck..) A super powerful money manifestation tool is to be thankful for money that is coming to you before you have it. Historically, I've often expressed gratitude for things I wanted before knowing how I would get them and therefore magically attracted them to myself! Remember to be thankful for discounts and sales, as they help you to retain money! If you write shopping lists, take a second before you place that online order, or before you head into the store to give thanks that all of the things on your list are on sale today. You'll be amazed at how often that ends up to be your reality because you vibration and intention made it so.

Magic Crystals

Use crystals that are powerful in generating wealth! Set up grids that attract wealth, and carry lucky money crystals with you during the day! It's the laziest, most passive way to energetically suck money towards you! Crystals are basically rumbas that picks up dollars instead of dust bunnies. Read in more detail about wealth attracting crystals here.

Pay Attention and Get Specific

When making vision boards, saying affirmations, and trying to manifest money and career success, lots of people start to feel dissatisfied, thinking it isn't working when it actually is. If you say "I want more money" and find a penny on the ground, the universe hooked you up. If you didn't say a specific amount of money, well, that's your fault. If you want career success and you don't get fired, you're technically succeeding. You need to be specific about the outcomes you desire. When you find that penny and every day you don't get fired, be thankful (go back to the second tip in this post). Being thankful for the penny and retaining your current job doesn't mean you're settling for less than you want, it means you're proving you're not an arrogant entitled douche as you wait for it. Just because you don't have what you want right now, doesn't mean you won't ever. It just means you don't have it yet.

My go to expert for clearing abundance blocks is Christy Marie Sheldon.

This video of hers will help you get your vibe right to attract more money into your wallet! While you're on youtube, check my tarotscope videos out as well! 😆


I hope these quick little tips help set you on the right path to raking in the moo-la! If you need help identifying blocks, scoping out good opportunities, or anything like that; readings start at just $10! And you can add to your gratitude list that you had the money to pay for a reading! It's a win-win.

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