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Best Crystals for a Safe and Happy Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It's where you let your guard down, it's where you raise your children and/or pets, it's where all your personal magic happens. What crystals can help you protect your home and fill it with love and happiness?

There are several ways to chase out negative energies and protect your space; from burning sage (like I did in this video) to asking for protection. I'm going to share a list of my favorite crystals to place around my home to keep my family safe and happy!

Starting off, we're talking about Black Tourmaline! This amazing stone is perfect for protecting your space. It calls in a whole host of angels to fill your home with divine light and love; casting out negativity and things wishing to harm your sweet vibe! It also helps clean up the electromagnetic vibrations from computers and TVs and such- bonus!

Keep Black Tourmaline on your desk, in your bedrooms, and in your front entry hall; or anywhere you feel the desire to drive out darkness and welcome in inspiration and angels.

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Up next- Clear Quartz! It can pretty much do everything. Wait. Strike that. It CAN do everything. Clear Quartz amplifies energy; place it by crystals that you desire an effect from and it will give it a major boost!

Clear Quartz is also programmable. Set your desired intentions on the stone and let it get to work! Ask it to protect your home or chase out negative energy and it will. Ask it to make a space harmonious and BOOM- harmonious space. Beyond that, it calls in so many angels. Like, seriously- just about all the angels.

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One of my most used protection stones is Hematite. I personally place it over every doorway of my home to keep out negative and unwanted energies (and people). It literally repels the negative energies from others! I also keep a piece in my car for it's protecting power.

Hematite calls angels Michael and Jophiel to itself; which is a pretty good team to watch your back. I highly recommend placing Hematite around your house and block all the bad juju!

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Tiger Eye is a great stone for blocking negative energies. It would be perfect near the entrances of your house as well because it can help keep out things that are willing to harm you! Beyond that, it helps dissipate fear and anxiety; which is great for keeping you from manifesting bad things. Like attracts like; so if you have bad vibes flowing, bad vibes will seek you out. Tiger Eye will help get you back in balance so you can invite good things in!

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