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Best Crystals for Having a Baby: Stones that Boost Fertility

So, you want to have a baby? Congratulations! Lucky for you, there's several crystals that can give you a fertility boost.

These crystals can be used in various amazing ways. Some will be best worn, others will do well near your bed. Try building a crystal grid for a family! This video playlist can give you some ideas on how to use your crystals! Here are 6 of the best crystals for you to use.


Garnet is a powerhouse for all things love! Not only does it inspire passion, sexual desire, and confidence (great feelings to have for a lil baby-making *wink*), but it also supports the physical aspects of conception! It treats infertility, sterility, and impotence; as well as increasing blood circulation to the uterus. Garnet also assists in hormone production. This stone is the best for all the sexy stuff you'll be taking part in!

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Moonstone is a must-have for soon-to-be mothers. It boosts your luck, sensuality, beauty, and attraction to your soulmate! Beyond its mental and emotional effects that make you feel SUPER good about yourself, it balances and regulates your hormones and menstrual cycle; making it easier to know when you're most fertile. Moonstone also increases your fertility and reduces water retention. Watch out for the way it magnifies emotional states- it's a benefit when your in love or in the mood, but it can also make you grumpier... yikes!

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Green Calcite

Green Calcite is an amazing stone to have on hand when you're preparing to conceive. It supports rapid manifestation; so if a bundle of joy is on your vision board, Green Calcite will help you get it! This stone also helps prepare your body for a healthy conception and releases bad vibes such as anger and old attachments; leaving you open and ready for great things. The higher your vibe is, the easier it will be to attract your desires into your life!

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Carnelian can clear blockages that cause sterility and impotence, as well as increase libido! It also enhances your fertility, trust, love communication, and self-confidence. Did I mention passion and desire? This is a great crystal to have around when in the conception stage of your pregnancy. And once you're pregnant, it's also good to use for lower back pain and rejuvenating your energy!

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