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Brown Zebra Jasper Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Brown Jasper Crystal Care:

Brown Jasper crystals are safe to run under cold water and saltwater, can be left in moonlight to cleanse, and in sunlight to charge up!

Angels Associated With Brown Jasper:

Angels Associated to this Stone are Ariel & Metatron

Chakras Associated With Brown Jasper:

Root Chakra (Red)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Brown Zebra Jasper:

  • Grounding, protection and connection to Mother Earth energies

  • Instills feelings of comfort and inspires harmony

  • Reduction of fears

  • Increased courage & determination

  • Unveils hidden feelings, inspires self-honesty & rapid reflection

  • Increased imagination & transforms ideas into actions

  • Anchors energies within the body

  • Confers support in periods of stress or in long-lasting/chronic illnesses

  • Assists in shamanic journeys

  • Increases dream recall when placed under a pillow

  • Increased organizational skills, faster project completion

  • Confers support in periods of stress or in long-lasting/chronic illnesses

Physical Health Benefits of Brown Jasper Crystals:

  • Purifies kidneys

  • Stimulates immune system

  • Absorbs electromagnetic & environmental pollution

  • Strengthens circulatory system, sexual organs, and bladder

  • Grounding, protection, and connection to Mother Earth energies

  • Re-energizes the body

  • Liver and gallbladder health

Additional Considerations for Brown Jasper:

The energy of this stone is not as intense and fast-acting as others. This stone is best used directly on the skin and is intended to be used for longer periods of time than others. Because of its ability to align various energies and imbalances, it's a fantastic stone for meditation. It's also great to bring with to work!

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