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Chrysocolla Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Chrysoscolla Crystal Care:

This crystal is safe to run under cold water and salt water for cleansing and can also be left in the sun to charge up! DO NOT put it in elixirs as it’s not safe to ingest.

Angels Associated With the Chrysoscolla Stone:

Angels associated to this Stone are Azrael and Raguel.

Chakras Associated With Chrysoscolla:

Throat (blue) & Heart (green)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Chrysoscolla:

  • Emotional awareness, healing and stability

  • Self-awareness

  • Acceptance of changes and goal setting and striving

  • Energy balance (donates energy when lethargic, mellows agitation)

  • Eases feelings of guilt and encourages forgiveness

  • Harmonizes groups and environments

Physical Health Benefits of Chrysoscolla Crystals:

  • Fights infections (especially in the throat and tonsils)

  • Reduces inflammation (especially in sinuses, tonsils, larynx and lungs)

  • Detoxifies and reinforces the liver, kidneys and colon

  • Regularizes the nervous system and heart

  • Balances sugar levels and treats the pancreas

  • Balances hormones, reduces tension and promotes relaxation

  • Accelerates healing of burns and lowers fevers

  • Treats ulcers and any other stress related digestive problems

Additional Considerations for Chrysoscolla:

Chrysoscolla is NOT safe to ingest!


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