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Cords Of Attachment- What They Are & How Do You Remove Them

This post is about cutting Cords of Attachment; so it's going to cover the following things-

  • What are Cords of Attachment?

  • Why do we have them?

  • How are they formed?

  • When do we want to cut them?

  • Why didn't it work the last time I was trying to cut my Cords of Attachment?

  • How can I be sure that it works?

  • How does it work?

  • How will cutting cords of attachment make me feel different?

  • Other super informative things you totally want to know!

What are Cords of Attachment? What do they do?

Cords of Attachment are essentially energy bonds between two people, or a person and a circumstance, or even a certain time in their life. Sometimes cords of attachment can be the reason it feels like that no matter what you do, you can't move on, or move forward in your life. Sometimes a cord of attachment is a reason why you can't stop thinking about someone, why you feel like you can't be happy, and even why you’re tired, grumpy or have little to no energy or motivation.

Cords of attachment are notorious for making you feel drained. This is because your energy is literally getting sucked into the cord, leaving you with little to none for yourself to use in day-to-day life. Cords of Attachment may also be responsible for making us feel frustrated and stuck.

When should you consider cutting Cords of Attachment?

It’s imperative to work on cutting cords of attachment when you’re in an unhealthy relationship, a codependent relationship, and when you are in an abusive relationship. It’s also ideal to cut cords when you feel stagnant in any area of your life, because a cord of attachment might be what’s preventing you from moving forward.

Things sometimes have to die for something new and better to be reborn where it was. This is the case with energetic cords of attachment. Since cords are created from energy (which literally everything is made of; all ideas, humans, feelings), one might need to completely close a door before they are able to step through another new, brighter door. When we cut old Cords of Attachment that are not helping us, we are able to create energetic cords that will.

Intentionally creating an energy cord to something that you want or desire for your life, is a way to work on manifesting it. When we prune the old cords, new buds of growth start blooming- pushing us forward and creating the circumstances and the life that we actually want for our future!

When we don’t intentionally create new cords for our desires and dream life, sometimes our old icky cords get fed and become stronger. Not all Cords of Attachment of the past are filled with negative emotions; but the point of cutting them is to remove the dead and diseased portions. Only cords of attachment that are healthy, vibrant, and full of love and light should be able to remain attached to your body and energetic field.

Cords of Attachment can have negativity within them. The negativity might express itself as frustrating feelings, or patterns and cycles (like always ending up in relationships with abusers and cheaters for example). If you’ve left a relationship that was crap, but have the same issues in the next relationship with a different person, it might be because you have a cord tied to that sort of circumstance or lesson in your life. Get rid of these cords to help you move on, learn the lessons, break the cycles, and finally say goodbye.

Sometimes we're afraid to cut our Cords of Attachment because we are afraid of cutting spiritual ties to people who are supposed to be in our lives. There is a difference between a spiritual bond or tie to a person rather than a cord of attachment to them though. This is a super important distinction to make and be aware of.

The purpose of cutting the Cords of Attachment is not to entirely get rid of an ex-lover from your mind, but to cut away any negative patterns and unhealthy attachments to them so that we can be with somebody else, or be in a healthier, better, more stable relationship (even potentially with them) in the future.

Spiritual ties are bonds between people that are fated, and destined. People are often afraid to cut Cords of Attachment because they think “What if this is just a hardship, and I've cut my Attachment to a person who's actually my soul mate?” It doesn't work that way. Spiritual ties to people that are meant to be in our lives cannot be cut. You cannot sever those ties, if it is meant to be. You can, however, get rid of the negative attachment cords that you're going through with that person.

Many people have tried to cut their Cords of Attachment and it didn't work. The reason why it hasn’t worked most of the time is that you REALLY have to want to. Sometimes on a subconscious level we don't want to because we’re afraid of losing a connection that was meant to be. You can’t fuck up anything that is fated though.

Regardless of whether this is the fear that has prevented you from cutting the Cords of Attachment successfully or not though, the secret to success is still the same; it has nothing to do with ritual. You have to fully desire to. You need to fully feel a deep and true desire to let go.

It's hard to let go of things that we cared about and poured our energy into; but when it's sucking our energy continually after it's already done- it's the better choice.

Fearlessly release the negative stuff within your Cords of Attachment. Don't let fear hold you back, because when cutting the Cords of Attachment is not successful, this is almost always the reason why. Have no fear, cut them and release the negative energies. If it’s not working for you, you likely don’t have your heart fully invested in cutting them.

If you feel like “I tried this and I really wanted to, and it just didn't work. I feel like I won't ever move on and won't ever get over it”, law of attraction may play an additional role to not actually wanting to cut the cords. When we think thoughts like that, or say things like that, we put that energy out into the universe. Every thought that you think and everything that you say goes out (almost like a prayer) and you're drawing more of those sentiments back into your life. It’s important to reframe our thoughts and then fully believe that the cord cutting is going to work. Try saying “I am ready. I want to cut these cords, and it will work for me. I will let go of these negative patterns. I'll be cognizant when new unhealthy cords are starting to form and I will cut those immediately.”

How Cutting Cords of Attachment Will Make You Feel Different

First of all, you'll have more energy because those negative Cords of Attachment were sucking your energy. Have you ever heard of energy vampires? They’re the people we have cords of attachment to that suck the energy literally out of us. Positive, healthy cords of attachment are filled with love and light. They recharge and energize you, increasing feelings of optimism and happiness. When you release negative thought patterns and sucubusses of energy, you’re left feeling lighter.

How to Cut Cords of Attachment:

There is no right or wrong way to do this. The best way for YOU to cut cords is the way that feel right for YOU. I will share with you my method, and it should work for you if you fully believe that it can and will, and if you fully want to release them.

First things first, get comfortable and then maybe close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Take as many deep breaths as you feel like you need (I like to do three as a minimum). As you're taking these breaths, I want you to imagine a bright, white light from above your head coming down over the top of your entire body. Continue taking deep breaths, and imagine with each breath that the light moves through your body from your head all the way to your toes. If you start to feel as though the light gets stuck in one place, or has trouble moving as quickly through that place, continue to breath and to focus the white light energy on that area. Push the light through, and keep taking deep breaths until it flows smoothly all the way through your toes.

Once you feel light flowing all the way through your body, releasing the negative energy, imagine it coming out of your feet and then back up over you. It should form a giant bubble of bright, white, divine love around you. If you don’t feel that the color white resonates well with your energy, it doesn't have to be white. I use white because it's the color of divine light and love, but you can use whatever color you like. Pink for example, is a good color energy because it lets love in.