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Crystal Recommendations to Face Covid-19 (Brought to You by the Angels Themselves)

As you know, dear reader, I am in regular communication with angels in order to pick crystals which are most beneficial for each zodiac sign, and to personal vibrational energies every month! (If you didn’t know, here’s the crystal of the month for your zodiac sign, and here’s a link to the subscription packages I offer).

I asked the angels which crystals they think are best for corona virus at this time. They say that these two crystals will be of most benefit- and I am so excited to share why!

Desert Rose, AKA Gypsum

This stone comes in two different varieties as pictured and either is fantastic, but they specifically point out the white variety as they made their recommendation. This stone doesn’t pick up negative energies, so it’s super low maintenance. You don’t ever need to cleanse and recharge it!

This stone increases feelings of well-being, happiness and understanding, which are things we can all benefit from pretty much always. The particular magic related to Covid-19 however is that it fosters an ability for us to be more cooperative and community minded. It facilitates our ability to be interdependent and to assist and love each other.

With so much misinformation in the news and media online, an additional benefit is that it helps us to see through lies and facades. It also helps us feel encouraged to reach out to others and to feel calm but also positive about the future.

This stone is useful in attracting success and abundance, and it also helps us to achieve goals. So, if you’ve decided to embark upon a side hustle while furloughed, Gypsum will definitely help you out!

This stone helps keep our spine in alignment and further to keep our muscles flexible and our body chemistries and electrolytes balanced. It very well can help you from breaking quarantine rules in order to see your chiropractor.

Learn more about Desert Rose (Gypsum) here!


This stone helps to calm anxiety and eliminate negative thoughts. It further helps to overcome the grief you’re experiencing during the pandemic- whether you’re mourning the loss of your job, your wealth, a loved one or friend, your social stimulation, or just your previous way of life in general. It’s assistive in lowering the anger or rage you might be feeling in this frustrating time and it helps you to feel more courageous and kind.

For those that are suffering from addictions, this can help to ease them. It can further help you to feel more relaxed.

This is a particularly helpful stone for calming lung inflammation and to assist in easing respiratory illnesses. This stone works to strengthen both the endocrine and immune system which is definitely a benefit during this pandemic.

Hold on to Amethyst while meditating to clarify your mind and increase your vibration. Higher vibration = better things!! It also can help banish negative thoughts (which happens in these times, forgive yourself for them) and protect you from more of them.

Learn more about Amethyst here!


I'm currently offering this Covid Crystal Care Package for sale! Included are the two stones in this article, plus one additional mystery crystal that will be selected by your angels just for you. Pick yours up while my supply lasts for them!

If you need some direction on which way to take your life during or after this Pandemic, get a reading and ask your angels directly! They can also help you see the blessings in your life and guide you through negative emotions you may be feeling.

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