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DO THIS Before You Use Your Crystals

Yay!! You're the proud owner of some crystal babies! What's next?

The first rule of using crystals is to always treat them as a friend. You need to be very gentle with them and store them appropriately. It's not any weirder to talk to your crystals than it is to talk to your plants. I frequently kiss my crystals and apologize to them when I accidentally drop them on the floor, and they appreciate this. Your crystals are like little precious, magical babies. Don't kiss them though until you've cleansed them!

Before ever working with crystals you need to ensure that they are cleansed. Preferably your crystals will be both cleanse AND charged. If you sign up for any of my crystal club offerings, your crystals arrive both cleansed, charged and ready for use!

“Cleansed crystals” are crystals which have been cleared of any energy they've soaked up. Many crystals will absorb energy from people, electronics, or a variety of other sources before they reach you. Lots of crystals have little to offer you, or can even bring bad juju into your home from the metaphysical shop or online source you purchased from, if they weren’t handled correctly or if the vibe of someone previously handling it was unfavorable. This can render many crystals ineffective to work their true magic in your life until you take the time to cleanse it. Click here to learn how to cleanse specific crystals you may already own!

It's very important that you’re aware of the specific care requirements for your crystals as some may disintegrate in water and others will fade if left in the sun to recharge.

As time passes with your magical crystal babies, you’ll need to keep up on cleansing and recharging them. I personally prefer to cleanse them by leaving them out in moonlight and then recharging them in the sun the next day (make sure you don’t forget to check the specifications for each crystal before you use the sun charging method though to prevent fading).

In using the moonlight and sunlight method, many people believe it's best to set them out (or in a window sill if there is inclement weather) on new moons or full moons. The truth is you don’t need to wait for, nor track these moon events. You can cleanse and charge your crystals whenever you wish with this method.

When you need to cleanse and charge your crystals quickly for immediate use, you can run them under cold water (again refer to your crystals info sheets first to make sure they won’t erode)

Remember that all the love and care you put in to your crystals will be returned to you through their effects on you. Whether they bring angels to your side, or support your mood, or do good things to your body, or give you a manifestation boost, or balance your energy system, or whatever that stone has been brought in to your life for- happy crystals, happy life!


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