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February 11th-17th Tarotscopes


Being afraid to love won't prevent you from getting hurt. Also, you can't run out of love to give. It's unlimited. If love had a limit people would only have one child and turn against everyone else in their life. LOVE others! You lose nothing and have everything to gain in return.


You're not seeing the big picture. Try to be friendly with others you find things in common with this week, they may play an important roll down the road!


Honesty is the best policy and in a world full of devious liars with their pants on fire your integrity will make you unique, deeply love and respected.


The only reason it's hard to connect with others is because you're not seeing things through their lens. Try REALLY, REALLY hard to imagine what it's like to be in their shoes and your relationship will grow.


Your existence isn't for the purpose of helping others and saving them. This week is optimal for learning how to help others in a more balanced way so you don't end up feeling taken advantage of. #boundaries


This week is about learning how to forgive! Forgive others, forgive yourself, see things for what they actually are instead of how they feel to you.


You're not fully aware of how the smallest smile, compliment, or word of encouragment or appreciation has on others. Be expressive this week because you might save or change a life with something that seems pretty small or meaningless.


Remember if you don't make a change, your life wont change… If you stay connected to the same people, situations and mindsets, you'll get the same results.


The past is in the past. Sure, you made some mistakes but you also learned not to make them again. Sure, other people made mistakes that impacted you negatively too, but if they didn't learn from them, then you learned they suck and can't be your friend anymore.


This week think about how and where you should apologize to others. You likely didn't know you hurt or annoyed the people you cared about and they didn't want to tell you because they know how much you like to be liked. This week when you find others annoying, disrespectful or inconsiderate ask yourself when you may have recently acted similarly with a family member, friend or colleague.


It's okay if you're impulsive and inconsistent this week! There are others out there that relate to these energies and these "flaws" are more like "funs" that you can bond over!


Being accepting and warm brings big benefits! Give hugs, empathy and friendliness out as much as you can this week because you've got an unlimited supply and so much to gain in return for your efforts!


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