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February 25th- March 2nd Tarotscopes


Self expression is the theme! Wear those bright orange and purple faux fur loafers to work this week if you want to this week. The only person that you successfully be is yourself.


Every action has a reaction. Happy thoughts create a healthy body! If your muscles feel tense your body could be reacting to unresolved negative feelings or stressors. Everything is better when your happiness is a main focus.


Things aren't as big of a deal as you think they are, you're not stuck as you think. Whatever is bumming you out, a situation at work, a break up or a really bad cold, it's going to pass and everything is going to be okay.


Finding joy at work this week is hard, so if you take a mental health day don't feel guilty about it. You can't be efficient and productive at something you hate, take the time for yourself if you need it.


You're naturally super creative and if you express that creativity this week it will radiate and increase joy in your life for weeks to come!


Maybe you're realizing that you're not going to succeed in what you'd intended to and it's time to give up, but that doesn't mean that something bigger and better isn't coming after your succession!


Being compassionate and loving to others in need is one of your most amazing qualities, but it can also be draining. Take naps and go to bed early this week and trust that what you have given to others in support and kindness will come back to you later ten fold!


Paying bills on time can actually be an awesome and happy experience if you deliberately pay your debts with love and pride. If you express gratitude that you can and are paying that phone bill or your rent this week you're simultaneously opening up a new and better flow of abundance for yourself!


Be patient, not impulsive. You can't see the bigger picture yet so it's foolish to be rash. Everything is happening for a reason, but you don't know all the reasons just yet.


Things aren't going to get worse for you so there's no reason to avoid healing the parts of yourself that you've been neglecting. Be patient with yourself, it's only up from here!


You're a good person. Maybe shitty people you encounter this week are simply to remind you of your own goodness? Take pride in who you are this week.


You're having a hard time this week distinguishing the difference between whether it's fear or love that is driving your choices. It's 100% okay to change positions and change your mind as things become clearer over time.


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