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February 4th-10th Tarotscopes


It's time to just get over the bullshit. It's safe to examine your ACTUAL feelings, and don't worry that people don't like you. Some of them do at minimum.


Feels good to watch the garbage man take all the trash from your life away doesn't it? It's not going to accumulate the way it used to anymore, your spirit guides are making sure!


Did you have any part in starting the arguments you're in? If you did, remember you don't have anything to prove to anyone. If you didn't, don't let anyone or anything get under your skin this week.


Happy times are here, or they are so close you can feel it! It's time to indulge and really enjoy whatever brings you pleasure!


What you focus on expands, so choose your focus wisely this week! When things don't feel good, focus on what you learned instead of why it hurts. Keep your focus on the positive things so that good things flow faster to you this week.


You're awesome even if life isn't all the time. Take deep breaths this week and create until you feel better. Paint, bake, whatever you want, but if you're my sister and you're reading this, YOU should bake in specific and drop off cookies at my house. TIA.


CALM DOWN. If you feel like you don't have a choice, or like you can't control situations and people, maybe its because YOU DON'T HAVE TO CONTROL EVERYTHING.


Just because someone is being honest with you, doesn't mean it's worth the effort to continue the relationship. Choose healthier situations, habits and people this week.


Where your focus goes energy flows! So stop accidentally manifesting the stuff you don't like by thinking about things you do! It's hard to heal when your focus is on doom and gloom.


Sometimes you just have to say "fuck it". Don't be scared, it'll be okay.


Let other people help you this week because they want to! Why deprive them of the good feels they get by helping? You're actually sort of rude if you DON'T let them.


It's okay to cause a scene! Good things will come from your efforts to change the minds and hearts of those that you offend.

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