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Galentine's Day Tarotscopes

Galentine's Day is February 13th! It's a day for gal-pals and the celebration of love between friends, invented by Leslie Knope (fictional character of Parks and Rec). “Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” Leslie Explains.

Galentine's Day has caught storm in real life, #GalentinesDay trends on twitter every year! THIS year I want to help you have the best Galentine's Day EVER by knowing the vibe in advance, and knowing which friends you should and should not invite out for waffles.


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You’re not going to be really enthused about throwing a Galentine’s day get together, and probably won’t even want to attend any get-togethers you might be invited to. This Galentine’s day is all about finding some balance in your life; for giving yourself a break. It’s not so much a #treatyoself vibe (to keep with the Parks and Rec theme) as it is about relaxing and getting your life in order. You’ll enjoy the day most by getting your tax receipts in order and then taking a bath with some crystals.

Best Galentines: Virgo and Gemini

Worst Galentines: Leo and Pisces


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: Don’t be so generous today as usual, especially with your input and opinions. Definitely go out, have fun and be social, but you might regret some of the things you say if you’re not careful!

Best Galentines: Pisces and Virgo

Worst Galentines: Gemini and Capricorn


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: Galentine’s day is a very “typical Leo” day. You’re feeling confident, self-assured, you’ve got charm and great hair. Even when sharing hard truths today, you’re not coming across bitchy and cruel.

Best Galentines: Capricorn and Gemini

Worst Galentines: Capricorn and Gemini. The Capricorn, Leo, Gemini combo is the holy trinity for juicy gossip and ex-boyfriend shaming! Making fun of others can be lots of fun, and lets face it, we bond closely with others who hate the same things we do. This combo can also become a nightmare if what was said about others behind closed doors slips out (probably Gemini’s fault) or when Capricorn remembers “I don’t gossip about people” and starts to judge you.


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You’ve been experiencing better luck than just a few months ago lately. Galentine’s day is a good time to talk about all the things that have changed in your life for the better! If you’re hanging with your gals, it’s not really appropriate to give anyone insight, and wisdom, but talking it through is similar to making affirmations and a promise to yourself to stay in this vibe, helping you to heal and increasing your strength!

Best Galentines: Virgo and Aries

Worst Galentines: Scorpio and Cancer


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You might not want to hang out with the girls, but, if you feel obligated, or you actually have no choice, you'll be super happy it worked out that way! You’ll feel nearly just as comfortable as you would at home, even if you’re doing hot yoga.

Best Galentines: Aquarius and Capricorn

Worst Galentines: Scorpio and Gemini


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You’re feeling bummed. Mostly this is because you're focusing more on what’s going wrong than what’s going right, though. You're not fun to be around when you’re all depressed (which is probably why so many zodiac signs have you on their “Worst Galentine’s” list this year). You have so much to be thankful for; particularly in regards to things like career, getting bills paid, and not being homeless, go. If you change your focus, you’ll change your mood! #gratitude

Best Galentines: Pisces and Cancer

Worst Galentines: Gemini and Capricorn


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You’re the egg in friend group recipes; your presence balances everyone else out. You walk into any room like sage, clearing all the bad vibes from it as you enter! If you plan to throw or attend a Galentine’s Day event it'll be better than you expect; even with little to no effort!

Best Galentines: Leo and Aries

Worst Galentines: Pisces and Cancer


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: There's been a change in how you’re thinking about what you actually want, and about what you actually want. Once you figure that out for certain, focus hard on what you desire because what you think about you’ll bring about!

Best Galentines: Gemini and Leo

Worst Galentines: Cancer and Taurus


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: It’s going to be a super fun day, but if you're judgmental about everyone else, know that you’re actually going to hurting yourself in the long run.

Best Galentines: Virgo and other Geminis- With a tendency to be judgmental today, these are literally the best two signs possible to hang out with. Virgos are basically perfect, or try to be, and other Geminis will just “get it” and non-judgmentally agree with your judgments.

Worst Galentines: Scorpio and Pisces


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: The best vibe to embrace is spontaneity so that you don’t ruin the day for yourself. Initially you’ll feel like you want to be in the company of others and to be seen. Next, you’ll realize that it’s hard to not feel fake and to be real with others. Finally this turns into a large scoop of anxiety which is probably going to next turn into time on the couch with a scoop of ice cream. If you just get up and do things without thinking, you get to avoid this sad story.

Best Galentines: Other Capricorns and Cancer

Worst Galentines: Virgo and Cancer


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: Try and think about what could be possible in your life even though it might take a long time to achieve. It’s a good day to vision board or meditate on your own because if you’re hanging with gal pals, in attempts to mask your self perceived helplessness you’re likely to come across as defensive about your past and your feelings about it.

Best Galentines: Virgo and other Tauruses

Worst Galentines: Virgo and Pisces


Overall Galentine’s Day Vibe: You'll be feeling more active and sociable than usual! If you go hang out with girlfriends you'll have an amazing time! Everyone is going to love you even more than usual. The ideal way to spend the day is nutritious lunch at a hip organic bistro.

Best Galentines: Pisces and Capricorn

Worst Galentines: Aries and Libra

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