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Garnet Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Care

Garnet Crystal Care:

This crystal is safe to run under cold water to cleanse it and it's also safe in saltwater and sunlight!

Angels Associated With Garnet:

Angels associated to this Stone are Haniel, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Chakras Associated With Garnet Stone:

Heart chakra (the green one in your chest).

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Garnet:

  • Attracts happiness, wealth and blessings

  • Purifies and recharges the chakras

  • Inspires love and devotion

  • Balances energies and generates serenity and passion

  • Balances sexual desire and eliminates emotional turmoil

  • Transforms crisis into challenge

  • Eliminates self-sabotaging behaviors and breaks bad patterns

  • Boosts Confidence, opens the heart

  • Removes inhibition and taboos

  • Profound love

  • Strength and power

  • Charity and compassion

Physical Health Benefits of Garnet Crystals:

  • Iron absorption

  • Treats liver and pancreas issues

  • Hormone production

  • Treats sterility and infertility

  • Treats impotence

  • Sense of taste enhanced, also cleans the blood

  • Treats circulatory problems in legs and uterus when used with carnelian

  • Treats heart disease, arthritis and assists cancer treatments

Additional Information:

There are a zillion other things that Garnet does for love matters, self-esteem and in the bedroom. This is probably the most helpful stone there is for sexy stuff.

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