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Green Fluorite Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Green Fluorite Crystal Care:

This crystal is safe to cleanse in cold water, with incense, moonlight and sunlight

Angels Associated With Green Fluorite:

Angel(s) associated to this Stone is Raphael

Chakras Associated With Green Fluorite:

Heart chakra (Green)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Green Fluorite:

  • Connection to spirit, positivity, abundance, and protection

  • Releases attachment and anger

  • Rapid manifestation

  • Healing by clearing old patterns and working on the heart chakra

  • Balances emotions and calms the mind

  • Improves judgment and memory

Physical Health Benefits of Green Calcite Fluorite:

  • Reinforces immune system, stimulates immunity

  • Relieves bacterial infections

  • Cardiovascular and neural restoration

  • Soothes fevers, burns, and inflammation

  • Alleviates arthritis and muscle strain and fatigue

  • Stimulates thymus

  • Heals tumors and malignancies

  • Prepares body for healthy conception

  • Growth stimulant for children

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