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Gypsum (Desert Rose) Spiritual Meaning, Uses & Care

Desert Rose Crystal Care:

This crystal is shouldn't get wet, but sun and moonlight are ok!

Angels Associated With Gypsum:

Angels associated to this Stone are Azrael, Jeremiel, and Raguel.

Chakras Associated With Desert Rose Stone:

Crown Chakra (the one on top of your head)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Gypsum:

  • Increases feelings of well-being, understanding, personal value and uniqueness

  • Increases happiness and beauty

  • Cooperation, community, interdependence while still being recognized as an individual

  • Free thinking, wisdom, understanding

  • Reinforces the power of affirmations and increases goal attainment

  • Encourages communication

  • Enhances abilities to see through lies and facades

  • Psychic communication, recall of dreams and past lives

  • Calms emotions

  • Positivity, will power, encouragement

  • Success and abundance

Physical Health Benefits of Gypsum Crystals:

  • Spinal alignment

  • Muscle flexibility

  • Electrolyte and body chemistry balance

  • Bone regeneration

  • Fertility stimulant

Additional Information:

This stone doesn’t need to be re-charged, it does not pick up negative energies


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