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January 28th - February 3rd Tarotscopes

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

February is here! I can't wait to tell you what this week is going to be like! Will you have a new valentine? (If you're here about love make sure you click to read these quick tips & tricks on how to get the most out of your weekly tarotscopes).


This week touch yourself (but not in a dirty way unless you're in the mood). Think about where in your body you are feeling your joy, or your stress and lay your hands over that feeling so that you can fully feel it and then release it.


You're afraid that history will repeat itself, but what if only the precious moments of your past repeat themselves. Not everything in our history was bad or a lesson, there were beautiful moments too.


You're feeling A LOT. Try pulling a tarot card to fully examine that feeling and what it means for you. You're feeling all of this in order to push you in the direction of your wildest dreams, but you can't get what you want if you don't know what you want or how you feel.


Your mindset suggests that you expect things to be dramatic and to go wrong. We get what we expect, what we focus on expands. Expect positive changes instead?


Love is in the air for Virgo if you can simply stop trying to dictate and control things. Get lots of rest and indulge in creating art in any form because these two activities will help open you up and clear blockages that resist your romantic opportunities. Check out my favorite art therapist's page! @createyourlifestudio createyourlifestudio.com


You don't have to stay anywhere forever. You're pushed to do what you truly want to do this week! Switch careers, move to a new place, leave your partner and start dating, you don't have to stay put if it's not what you want.


The blahs have set in. Everything seems boring, hopeless and like it's not going to head in the direction you wished it would. Have you tried asking God, your angels or spirit guides for help? It's literally their job to help you and they want to. You don't have to feel this way.


Hypnosis works to help people lose weight, to quit smoking, to heal their trauma and back pain. You've got some mindsets that are limiting you right now from your potential to feel the fullest amounts of joy. If you were truly open to joy, if you truly felt you deserved it and were capable of fully feeling it, you would be fully feeling it. For further information on hypnosis and mindset check out my hypnosis friend Jen's instagram page page! (instagram.com/mindyoursubconscious).


Protecting your energy is different than being a hermit and avoiding people. You can be around people without letting them affect you deeply even though you're naturally an empath as a Scorpio. You don't need to judge other people's words and intentions as good or bad and you don't need to help everyone on their healing journeys either just because they're around.


You aren't destined to fail or suck at things. Why do you think that? You can find romance, you can be successful in your career, you CAN be happy if you simply believe that you can.


You're not ready to walk away from something you should be walking away from now. Ask the spirit world for help and carry your crystals around in your pocket or stuff your bra with them to help you release your desire to stay in a situation that is no longer for you.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! You sound a bit crazy this week, other people don't understand or agree with what you're saying. Don't worry, you're NOT crazy, but you do need to figure out a better way to present your point. Think before you speak.

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