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Labradorite Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

How To Care For Labradorite Crystals:

This crystal is safe to run under cold water, to cleanse it. It is also safe in sunlight and saltwater.

Angels Associated With Labradorite:

Michael, Haniel & Raziel

Chakras Associated With Labradorite:

Third Eye Chakra (Purple)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Labradorite:

  • Discovering destiny

  • Balances hormones, treat menstrual problems

  • Activates all chakras between solar plexus and the third eye

  • Expands consciousness

  • Protection from energies of others and prevention of energy loss

  • Dissolves illusions

  • Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts

  • Stimulates imagination

  • Resurfacing of memories, deepening of sentiments

  • Encourages deep thinking internally

  • Manifests new ideas and childlike enthusiasm

  • Prevents loneliness

  • Provides support in times of change, and provides strength and perseverance

Physical Benefits of Using Labradorite:

  • Treats rheumatism, gout, eye & brain problems

  • Balances hormones,

  • Treats menstrual problems

  • Reduces tension, soothes

  • Regenerates body from exhaustion

  • Balances body temperatures

  • Dispels electromagnetic effects on the body from TV, computer, microwave, etc.

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