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Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Care:

These crystals are safe to cleanse in cold water, salt water, burying it in the ground, with incense, moonlight and sunlight!

Angels Associated With Lapis Lazuli:

Angels Associated to this Stone is Michael, Raziel & Zadkiel

Chakras Associated With Lapis Lazuli:

Throat Chakra (Blue) Primariy & Third Eye Chakra (Purple)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Lapis Lazuli:

  • Wisdom, kindness, love, peace harmony

  • Protection against negative energies

  • Clarity, open-mindedness, imagination, clear thinking, self-awareness, vision

  • Opens throat chakra allowing you to express any repressed anger that is creating communication blockages in your life

  • Opens the third-eye and expands senses

  • Connects the heart & the head to create balance and interdependence in relationships

  • Rebirth of inner divine nature

  • Encourages us to face our dark side, our illusions, and anything we have repressed into our subconscious

  • Surfaces past trauma, repressed memories, and emotional wounds, and assist in healing them and liberating oneself from them

  • Expression of healthy emotion

  • Increased concentration and mindfulness

Physical Health Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Crystals:

  • Combats dizziness, anxiety, and stress

  • Supports digestive system and thyroid

  • Increased physical energy

  • Treatment of eye problems, especially cataracts

  • If you bring this to the doctors office, it should bring you more accurate diagnoses and therefore better treatment plans

Additional Considerations for Lapis Lazuli:

This is especially effective placed on the face, just above the eyebrows; but is useful on the throat chakra as well.

FUN FACT- ancient Egyptians cherished this stone, working with it often, as far back as 5000 BC!


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