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Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz Crystal Care:

This crystal is safe to run under cold water, to cleanse it. It is also safe in moonlight, with sage and in saltwater! Avoid sunlight for re-charging this crystal.

Angels Associated With the Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz Stone:

Angels associated to this Stone are Yelahiah & Ambriel.

Chakras Associated With Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz:

All the chakras!

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz:

  • Harmony & alignment of the chakras, of the aura, the meridians, and the physical body

  • Facilitates the use of spiritual gifts

  • Helpful in group activities, brings healing and peace to home environments (especially when someone new moves into the house, dissipating jealousy, resentment, etc.)

  • Assistance in grief/loss

  • Detoxification

  • Promotes cooperation, group consciousness and unselfishness

  • Diffuses energies of self-centeredness, confrontation, anti-social behavior & fears

  • Relieves loneliness, increases openness and friendliness

  • Enhances metaphysical abilities, heals the spirit and cells of the body

  • Helps to re-frame past situations

  • Karmic justice and self forgiveness

  • Increased appreciation of beauty, abundance and joy

Physical Health Benefits of Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz Crystals:

  • Treats skin problems, allergic reactions, difficult pregnancies and infertility

  • Treats cleft palate and other congenital deformities

Additional Considerations for Celestial Lavender Aura Quartz:

In the Cactus formation, all of the properties of this crystal are amplified a zillion times in each of the tiny points! This stone also speeds up the effects of Moldavite crystals.


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