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MadLib Monday before Tarot Tuesday...Tarotscopes!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Happy MadLib Monday to my favorite Tarot Tuesday fans!

You bored AF?

Many of us are stuck at home, and frankly a little bored. Some of us are even panicking and need something fun to distract ourselves during the social distancing we are doing in response to Covid-19.

This post not only serves as a preview of what your tarot horoscopes (tarotscopes) for this week are (coming out tomorrow so look for them on instagram), but helps keep your brain active and cures boredom…

You can even force your kids to use their brains and pick the words for you while they’re home from school!

what is a noun, what is a verb, what is an adverb, what is an adjective, whats a plural noun

This "Funny Fill-in" (because MadLibs is trademarked name) will ask you to choose some words for your zodiac sign BEFORE you read what this week’s tarotscope says.

No peeking! If you’re not sure what each of the word parts asked for requires, here’s a quick reference for you.


Fire Zodiac Signs (write down your selections before moving to the next part… No peeking!)

Aries Tarotscope Requires: noun, adjective, adjective, plural noun, verb

Sagittarius Tarotscope Requires: adjective, adjective, job title, noun, verb, verb

Leo Tarotscope Requires: noun, plural noun, verb, verb +ing, adjective


Earth Zodiac Signs (write down your selections before moving to the next part… No peeking!)

Taurus Tarotscope Requires: adjective, plural noun, verb +ing, verb +ing

Virgo Tarotscope Requires: noun, adverb, verb, noun, verb, adjective

Capricorn Tarotscope Requires: plural noun, plural noun, verb, verb, noun, verb +ing, verb, same verb as last, plural noun


Water Zodiac Signs (write down your selections before moving to the next part… No peeking!)

Cancer Tarotscope Requires: plural noun, plural noun, adjective, adjective, noun, verb, adjective, noun, plural noun

Pisces Tarotscope Requires: noun, noun, adjective, noun, adjective

Scorpio Tarotscope Requires: verb +ing, adjective, profession, adjective profession, verb, verb +ing


Air Zodiac Signs (write down your selections before moving to the next part… No peeking!)

Libra Tarotscope Requires: noun, noun, noun, adjective, verb, verb, verb +ing

Gemini Tarotscope Requires: noun, verb, verb +ing, noun, verb, plural noun, adjective, verb, verb +ing, verb, noun, verb, verb +ing

Aquarius Tarotscope Requires: adjective, adverb, adjective, verb +ing, verb, adjective


Now take your written selections and fill them in the tarotscopes below! Let me know what your zodiac sign got in the comments! I will gift a prize to a lucky commenter!

Sagittarius Tarotscope!

It's a week for adjective and adjective flare! You get to be a(n) job title and noun setter. Just because something zany you try this week doesn't verb, doesn't mean it won't verb popularity and take off later!

Aries Tarotscope!

Your noun and therefore your focus is adjective, which makes you feel adjective and makes you suck at everything a little bit. Don't say "No" or avoid your plural noun, but verb energy and do one thing at a time this week until it's done.

Leo Tarotscope!

There's noun in your life this week. Actual clutter, and some relationship plural noun you KNEW you were supposed to get rid of before. Did you think that things just were going to verb on their own? NEWSFLASH: they didn't. You are verb +ing

Taurus Tarotscope!

You don't get to give up just because you're adjective of standing out or being called out. You can change fucked up plural noun this week by verb +ing a lot of love and verb +ing who you truly are.

Capricorn Tarotscope!

You believe that you don't have what you need (plural noun, skills, plural noun,, luck, the right people, etc.) and so, guess what? YOU'RE RIGHT. Everything verb(s) because you think it does and that it will. Your lack of verb in yourself and in the noun is verb +ing this outcome. Verb your mindset to same verb as last your week, the plural noun,, and how you feel!

Virgo Tarotscope!

This week feels like it might be a bit of a noun, but there's a work-around. Stay focused on your vision of "adverb ever after" and verb hard to achieve it! Optimism and noun are on your side if you take action, but if you verb a adjective role this week, it is in fact, going to suck

Scorpio Tarotscope!

You're not verb +ing because you think you're a adjective profession? Well, maybe you were a adjective profession, but you only get better if you verb... You only get better at the things you keep verb +ing.

Pisces Tarotscope!

Your noun isn't necessary. The noun that you have is actually a little adjective to be honest. You know what you have to do, you don't even have a noun at this point, so why be adjective? It's not helping.

Cancer Tarotscope!

Things seem out of the ordinary with work and plural noun, but before you go making plural noun to make yourself feel more adjective in the short term, consider the adjective noun. You can verb what feels out of order but you need to make sure it's in alignment with your adjective noun plural noun, first.

Aquarius Tarotscope!

Way to be adjective! Even though it's adverb obvious how others are of such adjective assistance or use to you; you just don't stop verb +ing they will verb... It's adjective.

Libra Tarotscope!

The noun between your noun and noun life is adjective right now. You need to actually verb, and verb HARD on verb +ing them back towards each other this week.

Gemini Tarotscope!

Not being a noun while you verb whether something is worth verb +ing or not this week is the noun. You have to verb to others because although your plural noun, are adjective, it doesn't mean that they are going to verb the way you think. You don't have time to do the inner verb +ing to better be able to verb the noun from others before it's time to verb your game plan. So just keep in mind how you might be verb +ing across in your reactions to feedback.


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