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National Haiku Day Tarot Readings!

Happy National Haiku Day!

Haikus follow 5 - 7 - 5 syllable patterns. So, why not have super fun Haiku horoscopes to honor the day with?? Find your zodiac's poem here!


You know what you want.

You can have it really fast!

But first, learn lessons.


Things take a long time,

this is because of the past.

Time to bond with others!


Anything can be!

Turn ideas into moves.

Secure long-term wealth.


Don’t talk about past.

You have become very strong.

Shit happens to teach.


If you don’t learn now,

you are still a dumb child.

Why are you so slow?


Things are not normal.

This is something true, you know.

This is not sad though.


Lots of feelings now.

Time to talk about them now.

Do not be so scared.


Everything is good.

You should already know that.

Weird stuff is good stuff.


This phase is not done.

You should talk about this now.

Just like Libra should.


Many feelings now.

What are you going to do?

Focus on some fun!


Why do you feel sad?

Things take longer than you want.

Behaving like child.


Apply what you learn.

Quickly make bonds with others.

This is safe for you.


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