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Optical Calcite Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Optical Calcite Crystal Care:

Safe to cleanse in cold water, with incense, moonlight and to recharge with sunlight!

Angels Associated With Optical Calcite:

Angels Associated to this Stone are unknown

Chakras Associated With Optical Calcite:

Optical Calcite is associated with the Crown Chakra (White)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Optical Calcite:

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy boosts

  • Removal of layers for emotional understanding

  • Balances emotions and the masculine and feminine energies

  • Calms/reduces fear and stress

  • Stability, self-confidence, constancy

  • Repels laziness, stimulates ability and desire to excel

  • Efficiency and quick actions

  • Improved judgment and reinforced memory

  • Repels negative energies and intensifies personal energy

  • Chakra alignment, deep soul healing, revitalization, aura balancing

  • Improved inner vision and actual outer vision

  • Purifies and disinfects

Physical Health Benefits of Optical Calcite Crystals:

  • Treatment of many skin problems including but not limited to: tumors, warts, infected wounds

  • Purifies elimination organs (colon, kidneys, bladder, ureters) and relieves intestinal ailments

  • Treats pancreas and gallbladder

  • Regeneration of tissues and bones, calcium absorption aid

  • Normalizes heartbeat and strengthens heart muscle

  • Stimulates immunity and encourages growth in children

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