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Power Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign in April 2020

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Happy April, crystal lovers!! If you're curious to know what stone is going to best support you through this coming month, read onward!

I personally teamed up with the Angelic realm to match these crystals with your Zodiac Sign's vibrational needs this month. To find out what your personal INDIVIDUAL crystal needs are, get a reading or the personalized crystal subscription I offer!

Remember to take a look at the power crystals for your rising and moon signs too, because depending on what you desire for April, they may be even more helpful in attracting what you want! Click here to learn why and how the rest of your birth chart is helpful.

Click on your Zodiac Sign below to discover April's Power Crystal!

How to cleanse and charge your crystal, spiritual, emotional and physical or health uses, which chakras they correlate to, which angels are called in with them and various other meanings or uses are all detailed for each of the crystals below!

Wouldn't it be AMAZING to automatically get your crystal of the month in the mail? You can go to the mailbox with excitement from now on instead of dread! Click here to learn how!

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