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Pyrite (AKA Fool's Gold) Spiritual Meaning, Use & Care

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Pyrite Crystal Care:

This crystal is able to charge and cleanse in cold water, sunlight, moonlight or with incense.

Angels Associated With Pyrite:

Angel(s) associated to this Stone are Uriel

Chakras Associated With Pyrite:

Solar plexus chakra (the yellow one in the middle of your abdomen)

General and Spiritual Meaning and Uses of Pyrite:

  • Increases material abundance

  • Meditation w/ this stone creates energy balance and stability

  • Energy shield, clears negative energy and pollutants

  • Opens doors to possible and necessary changes

  • Helps reveal and confront dark aspects of ones nature, favors self- awareness

  • Illuminates secrets, memories and encourages openness and honesty

  • Increases confidence (but can make you aggressive if you’re already super confident)

  • Eliminates feelings of mediocrity, despair and melancholy

  • Stimulates idea sharing, encourages organization, structure and order

  • Increase use of talents and excelling toward potential

  • Increases diplomacy

  • Increased instinct, analysis, intuition, mental activity, creativity

Physical Health Benefits of Pyrite Crystals:

  • Fights infectious disease

  • Decrease in headaches (bc increases blood-flow to the head)

  • Meridian alignment

  • Increased energy, fatigue combatant

  • Blocks energy leaks

  • Stimulates cell formation and repairs damaged DNA

  • Fortifies digestive tract and neutralizes indigestion and toxins in system

  • Aids stomach ailments and soothes sleep disruption caused by these

  • Overcomes problems caused by asthma and bronchitis

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