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Tarot and Oracle Deck Recommendations from Tarot-blee Accurate!

If you watch my Youtube videos (you know, those FREE tarot readings I do every month for your Sun, Moon and Rising sign; as well as the general spiritual information videos I make?), then you've seen the large variety of decks I use. Which do I recommend and why?

I should start with the disclaimer that this post is full of affiliate links. If you use any of them to purchase one of these decks, I'll make a little bit off the sale and it doesn't cost you any extra! Nonetheless, I still recommend these decks because I personally use them often and love them very much. If you don't believe me, you can head to my Youtube and check out my videos to see the cards in action!

Now on to my list of recommended decks! This post will be a living list of decks I use in my videos. All the affiliate links for purchasing the decks on Amazon are collected here, just click the image to check out the deck.


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