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Tarot Horoscope + Crystals For January 21st- 27th (also a diatribe on February)

As February looms closer (a least favorite month for many non-Pisces zodiac sign friends), I thought you might need a little crystal healing energy to go along with your weekly prediction.

Before you get turned off on why people hate on February, hear me out:

  1. In Minnesota (where I am) it's the coldest month and we are REALLY sick of winter by now.

  2. You start to realize how horribly you've failed at your New Years' resolutions already.

  3. More people commit suicide this month than any other month of the year.

  4. You realize how in debt you are after your Holiday spending splurges as the credit card bills come in your inbox and mailbox.

February is probably the shortest month because it seems to suck the most. To help you get through the month that is coming, I have therefore selected crystals for you to navigate this week and the next month to follow.

If February is your birthday month, that's a blessing. It's something to celebrate in the midst of malaise and we are so happy you gave us something to be excited about by being born.

Yes, I know it's still January, but being forewarned is being forearmed and that's also why you read horoscopes, correct? Speaking of being forewarned, if you missed last week's post on how to get the most out of your tarotscopes click here so you know how to use the following information to its maximum potential!

Its Aquarius and Pisces birthday time, so we will start with their energies this week! All tarotscopes (tarot horoscopes) this week have links to crystal energy so you can learn all about how they can and WILL help you this week and all through February!


You're not trusting and believing in yourself enough! You can and will succeed if you put your mind to it, so you should be excited! If you knew you had support and wouldn't fail, would you take the steps you REALLY want to? Here's a secret, the spirit world is giving you that support right now.

Learn About Hematite here! This is a great one for your pocket to carry around this week!


You look fancy af this week, graceful and elegant, put together and independent! The truth is though on the inside you're not sure what you want. You want money, but what else specifically? How much money?

Click here for the details on Pyrite AKA "Fool's Gold". There's NOTHING foolish about how magical it is in regards to financial abundance though!

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You get to decide who your SOUL family is. You don't have to go through life and do things on completely on your own if you don't trust or like the family you're born into. Call on your soul family (they're more reliable and empathetic at times) and allow them to help you, positive change is afoot if you do!


When you keep telling yourself you "can't let it go" you're lying to yourself. It might not be easy, but you literally CAN and should.


You're afraid you'll lose something/someone if you don't keep going/trying hard at your current pace. You NEED a breakthrough. You CAN'T keep doing this, this way anymore.


Stop looking for a sign. Ask your angels your question, then get some exercise (take a walk, dance, swim, be the top instead of the bottom tonight, it doesn't matter as long as you move your body) and the answer will just pop in your head naturally! When you move your body, you move your energy and sometimes that's all that needs to happen for clarity.


You want something different than everyone else, but defend your desires and advocate for them. It's worth the effort not to settle.


Friends are great for boosting us up and consoling us when we are down but THIS week they're actually the key to helping you achieve your dreams! Talk to a friend about what's on your wish list, what do you want now, in 10 years, in 20 years? They might not have what you need right now, but will eventually come through for you or connect you to someone else that helps you obtain the biggest items on your vision board!


Don't give so much to others this week. Give to YOURSELF in the form of nutritious food and the best/most sleep possible.


On the one hand, you're overflowing with happiness because you're finally in a good financial flow, congrats! On the other hand, you're afraid to tell anyone you're happy about it though or to really and truly express celebration and joy, you want to play it cool because you're afraid you won't be in this flow forever. Here's a secret, if you're not being generous and happy about it continually and if you attach fear of loss to this, YOU WILL LOSE IT because that's how money energy flows work! Don't eff yourself over. Just enjoy it!


Anything is possible, ANYTHING (yes, even a bigger penis). Your problems are solvable, your happily ever after will be a reality as long as you don't give up, you defend your dreams, work hard and focus on the details!


It's finally time to go have some fun! Have A LOT OF FUN this week. Meditating, napping, and Netflix binges are NOT for you right now.

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