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Tarot Horoscopes- December 10th - 16th

Happy Tarot Tuesday! Every Tuesday you can check here, on Instagram, or Facebook to see what the week (running Tuesday through Monday) has in store for your zodiac sign!

Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well! If you're not sure why you're sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, here's a video to explain.

This week's Tarotscope runs December 10th, 2019 through December 16th, 2019. Click here for your zodiac sign's monthly video readings on YouTube!


Feeling defeated in the midst of conflict this week, but keep in mind that God/Allah/Jahovah/whatever does answer prayers.


You're successfully moving on to a better and more balanced life! Congrats on co-creating this new reality with the universe!


You're not feeling super successful, but if you move your body around, you move your energy and mindset around too.


Paying attention to your inner voice and learning to trust your intuition is awesome and important, but doesn't mean that you don't still also need to be patient, especially in your love life (or lack thereof).


Spending time doing something creative this week helps eliminate feelings of jealousy/envy, but also helps you to pick up more clearly on the intentions of others.


Your heart chakra seems a bit miffed this week, but on a positive note your fear is not controlling you anymore and you're heading towards greater peace and harmony regardless.


Discovering your inner and outer beauty does require you to let go of old ways of thinking but man, is it worth it!


It's challenging in the beginning of the week to fully feel love and joy in your heart, but if you can focus on this the unconditional love that you deserve is born!


Yo... You need to get outside. Your root chakra is gonna be messed up if you don't connect with nature. Think of your chakra system as a pyramid and the root chakra is the base. If the foundation is wrecked the whole thing caves in on itself.


The miracle of forgiveness doesn't feel like a miracle until after you're done with it and something new appears.


If it's hard to stand your ground it's only because you're not fully honoring your feelings and seeking spiritual support.


Sometimes tough things happen to provide us an opportunity to remember the importance of loving and accepting ourselves.

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