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Tarot Horoscopes December 3rd - 9th

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The astrological vibe of the week for all of the zodiac signs Dec. 3 through Dec. 9 below as assessed by tarot cards:


your third eye is a little spaced-out. The way to bring it back into focus is to first notice the quality of information you're receiving, and next to consider what you're taking in every day and whether it's helpful or harmful to your overall well being.


People will be noticing and appreciating you this week! This is largely because you've realized not only that you can't, but you don't have a need to control others. Focusing more on yourself has earned you this.


Sure, you've had some really tough times in your life, but that leads to massive personal and spiritual growth which allows you to help others! Will it make you rich? Maybe not in the wallet, but in your heart and soul!


Things are starting to come together the way that you've been envisioning them! Notice and appreciate the synchronicities in life knowing that nothing is coincidence or by accident!


Why is it so hard to change your mindset? Why is it so hard for you to even consider which mindsets you're clinging to that fuck shit up for you? If you perceive yourself as weak instead of strong well, then I guess you are! You know what you need to do to improve your life, but fail to actually start to implement those steps and change things so you don't get to act like a fucking victim... even ONE step in the right direction is still progressing on the path.


You're finally getting over your disappointments this week! YAY! It's about time!


This is an awesome week to get wasted with friends, go to festivals and parties. Keep your vibe high and enjoy this week! Don't let anyone bring you down.


This week marks a new start and beginning for you! Also make sure you're eating healthy, please.


You choose your reality... You get to choose whether you're going to have a positive or negative attitude. When you consistently choose positivity and the bright side, you consistently have sunny days...


All of a sudden your third eye chakra is balanced, and you're more intuitive than usual! You've chosen to recently heal some emotional shit and this is the reward. Enjoy your new psychic gifts that start to come through!


Partnerships (romantic, business or otherwise) are so harmonious and amazing this week. The trick to keeping them that way over the long term is to make sure that we are introducing humor into all situations when they become difficult.


New and prosperous beginnings are here because you finally let go of all the resentments you had and your bad habits. Bravo! You earned all the blessings that are starting to develop for your future.

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