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Tarot Horoscopes January 14th- 20th

I'm so excited to let you know what each zodiac sign's week looks like! Remember that your moon sign might resonate more strongly for your week than your sun sign. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a link to find out why and how to determine what your entire star chart looks like and how to interpret it all.

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Bored AF? This is actually a good thing. It means your life isn't in shambles and you're well rested... Enjoy it.


Why are you so sure that your idea is the right idea? Be patient, listen to others and plan a bit more so that your idea actually does what you intend it to.


Just because you're not actively controlling everything in your life right now doesn't mean that things are out of control. You may not have gotten everything you wanted but you now know that when you do get to make decisions in life that it's important to take advantage of those moments, to speak your mind and to choose wisely...


Waiting and waiting and waiting for what you want sucks, but good job not comparing yourself to others and for remembering that everything will happen for you in the right time and in the right way!.


Is the rest of the zodiac invited to your pity party? Move on before we show up uninvited... We are the worst of house guests.


Someone is lying about money stuff and it's so fucking annoying and unfair. However, this is the situation that triggers your epiphanies and pushes you towards your solid foundations and achievement of goals! This is especially true if you're trying to buy a home or move this week.


You're feeling tempted by things that you're usually better at resisting. Ask someone to help keep you distracted so you don't give in! This week's decisions are determining whether the next week will be very lucky or very unlucky for you!


Not being as connected to your spirituality this week is creating a lot of confusion for you. This may make you feel a bit shitty, but know this is a passing sentiment and you're actually okay and will continue to be okay. You'll have a way better grasp on life and be more clear headed next week.


If you feel hopeless this week, it's because you're refusing to let shit/people/situations go. You can actually do this. You're powerful and strong enough!


What a weird sentiment for the week. You're not feeling afraid, but you're not really feeling enthusiastic either. Maybe if you believed in yourself and in your own worth a bit more you could feel some excitement?


Even though you're facing challenges, they're not as big a deal as you think they are. Literally nothing is changing. Things are exactly as they are supposed to be this week.


Living in the moment with others is the best strategy this week for you. It feels irresponsible and weird, but it's VERY MUCH worth it!

Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well (often your moon sign will resonate even BETTER than your sun sign will). If you're not sure why your sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, click the image below to find out what you need to know to get the most out of your weekly tarotscopes!

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