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Tarot Horoscopes January 7th- 13th

You've made it through the first official week of 2020! Will you make it through the next one? What will it be like? Here's what you can expect this week!


You don't have a lot of choices right now available and that can feel depressing. You do have solid foundations though, so even though it might not seem likely, you can make some really solid connections that will help you get where you want to be.


Your past isn't responsible for the weird feelings you're having. Your heart chakra is a little blocked because you stopped believing in your own destiny. You're meant for great things, you know...


There's no confusion. Certain conflicts are 100% clear to you and you know when it's time to call things a loss. While this week's energy can feel disruptive to your plans for your life, don't withdraw and feel shitty about this. Be patient because everything happens for a reason, and when something is removed from our lives often something better will replace it.


Your psychic intuition powers aren't coming through as strong as typical this week but thats okay. You have a lot of things in the real material world that keep you heading in the right direction! When in doubt about how to handle things this week, as your fave psychic friend for help instead of trusting your gut.


Your third eye is LIT this week! Everything should flow in harmony. Lucky!


Money is coming for you! Is it coming today? Maybe... Some of you have to be a bit patient, but money energy is on its way regardless so keep your vibration really high to speed up the process!


OMG the force is with you. You are an unstoppable powerhouse this week! Enjoy the ability to achieve goals and to see results of your efforts at hyperspeed!


Who the fuck told you that suffering in silence is the way to handle your emotions? Whomever gave you that idea is not an actual authority on pain. They are actually an asshole for misleading you. Conflicts happen but people can help you with them or at minimum help you cope with them if you allow them.


New beginnings are awesome but also sometimes hard because change in general is hard. Don't feel sad or worried about your new starts this week. They are VERY MUCH something worth celebrating!


New passions and excitement seem to come out of nowhere... This is a gift from the spirit world. You're welcome!


The only thing that grows out of fear is more fear. Fix your sacral chakra issues so you can grow something you actually want this week!


Remember when you finally cut that douchebag out of your life? This week makes it worth having done! Spiritual unions are in the air (unless you kept your douchebag of course)!

Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well (often your moon sign will resonate even BETTER than your sun sign will). If you're not sure why your sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, here's a video to explain.

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