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Tarotscopes for April 14th - April 20th 2020

It's Tarot Tuesday yet again! Excited to see what advice the angels and your favorite psychic have for you? Read on! You can check out your Moon and Rising signs if you're needing more advice in love or career (read about why here) and hop over to Youtube to watch your free monthly tarot readings for the various aspects of your life!



It's okay, and actually ADVISABLE to ask others for help and to depend on them when things aren't going your way. Don't take everything on yourself!


If you don't use your brain, nor your instincts you don't have to actually do anything...


Things aren't actually that confusing if you take a giant step back and look at them. You're too close to the situation to actually see it.


Staying up strategizing, and stressing won't bring you more money, nor more opportunity. Getting a good nights sleep and being relaxed feels better and probably works slightly better. Don't be a spaz, it doesn't feel good.


You're not a douche for feeling good in tough times. You put a lot of effort, time, love, and patience into getting to this place you're at right now so you're not a dick for feeling pretty content and personally satisfied this week.


If you think it's going to be worth it, then just take action and do it now. Challenges are inherently challenging- DUH. You've got to act fast before you lose your enthusiasm and will!


You're afraid to see the past as what it really was, because that makes it harder to keep on pretending that things are/were better than they are/were. You're wearing yourself out by having to keep up this charade. You're not protecting anyone by doing this, especially not yourself.


This week is powerful for deep connections with others, to fall in love, to have heart-to-hearts, but only if you get enough sleep. You're going to come off the wrong way and miss out on opportunities if you're not well rested.


Meditating regularly (at least for this week if you can't/wont make a bigger habit of it) will bring tremendous financial rewards for you! It's literally worth the effort! $$$


That shit you try not to think about, that you don't talk about is responsible for the old negative patterns that keep limiting you. Talk this shit out and release it so you can experience freedom and ease in life for once!


You're not wrong... Your relationships aren't as joyous and initmate as they were before. This energy is temporary though, so don't go making hasty decisions this week!


If you can't figure out what you want to manifest in your life, or if you feel like it's not working, then direct your energy towards something creative like art, dance, or writing. Anything that gives you pleasure and gets you in "flow" energy will bring rewards this week!


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