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Tarotscopes for April 21st - April 27th 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday to you!! This advice from the angels is for your zodiac sign in general to have an amazing week! If you need more specific support, I recommend a personal reading to get your specialized answers.

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You need to get the fuck outside and move your body. The timing for this is perfect. You're reading this right now for a reason. GO!


Don't stop trying new things. Some hockey guy said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." While you might also miss 99% of the shots you take, take the 100th shot because you'll either make it or learn something!


It's time to reconsider... If you're afraid of something this week, its for a reason. This is not the week to say "fuck it" and be brave and do it anyway... The fear is trying to help you.


Figure your shit out ON YOUR OWN. You are capable if you believe you are.


Choose a new direction. It's NOT time to quit; it's time to REEVALUATE.


Keep your shit together this week and don't trust anyone...


You can't make better choices than you already are this week, so let go of any "If only I ..." thoughts you have. There's no magic bullet for happiness, be proud of yourself and happy with yourself NOW.


While you're getting better at not believing all the shitty, negative thoughts you have; you still have work to do on fully believing that you can have a stable and financially secure long-term future.

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Even though things might not be as dramatic as they can be in your life, you still should be looking for and paying attention to signs! Your angels don't just help you when you're in crisis, they can help you when you're chillin too.


You want more money? Ask for it... It's actually the key to getting it...


Ask for help from others. You don't have to give them something first, you don't have to give things in return. Some people just want to be of service!


If you've been a good steward of maintaining good sleep habits, then big happy changes are coming for you this week!


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