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Tarotscopes for April 7th - April 13th 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday! What can you expect out for life this week? Read what the angels have to say for your zodiac here!! Don't forget to check out your Moon and Rising signs if you're needing more advice in certain areas of your life (read about why here) and hop over to Youtube to watch your free monthly tarot readings!



You're fearless because you're not accessing that part of your brain this week, which seems like a good thing. You're also not accessing the part of your brain that is responsible for creativity though either, and you kind of need it...


We have to accept that there are some things (and people) that we can't change. The world keeps turning and so what other choice do you have, really, but to cope with these facts this week?


Tough love and "doing the right thing" doesn't mean that you stop seeing the good in all things and all people. You can assert boundaries and not be a dumbass WHILE seeing the goodness and light that exists...


When we lose something, we can throw a pity party or appreciate that we once had it... You pick... (HINT: don't pick feeling shitty)


The success and power you step into this week is a direct result of acknowledging your fear and facing it! Bravo!


Why do you keep lying to yourself that the company you're keeping is good for you this week?


WOOF, the gratitude inside your heart is massive if you really start thinking about it. Your life is truly amazing if you choose to see it that way.


Anything, literally ANYTHING is possible, Pisces if you ask for what you want then surrender to the universe and go with the flow!


There's nothing, and no one to be jealous of. Everyone has challenges, although they may be different from yours, they exist (you might not see them, but they're there).


Feeling down on your luck this week? It's partially because in order to have limitless abundance you have to BELIEVE that you're a limitless being that can attract it....


As quick as you dropped into that shitty mood and negative attitude, you can flip back into to your sunny optimisim and joyful state... It's literally a Gemini superpower...


Sometimes shitty friends happen, and it sucks but there's always a reason. Maybe it's to teach us to value our good friends, maybe it's to teach us what we don't want/like, maybe it's to teach us how to be better... Whatever the reason, yeah, it sucks. Learn from it and move the fuck on... Quit sulking.


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