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Tarotscopes for June 2nd - June 8th 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday! I teamed up with the angels yet again to give you the guidance you need this week. For even more support, consider getting a personal reading.

Remember to check out your Moon sign's tarotscope for love vibes and your Rising sign's tarotscope for career (read about why here). And go check out Youtube for your free monthly tarot readings. General for your Sun, Love for your Moon, and Money/Career for your Rising!



Just because you can’t see what you have in common with others, doesn’t mean that you lack things in common and are incapable of bonding with new people. Stay calm, and listen more than you speak. You’ll be able to create new friendships that will serve you in the future.


Your dreams can become reality, as long as you take daily steps to achieving the extraordinary! Eliminate anything unnecessary and don’t be afraid to say no.


Remember that you’re judged by the company you keep! Surround yourself with the kinds of people you aspire to be like.


You have inner sparkle, but you’re not required to shine it the way that others are asking you to. Shine in your own way, because the world wants to see your glitter!


Love is the only thing that actually matters. Until you remember that, you’re going to feel lazy and lethargic this week.


You can have confidence and be self-assured, even while doing things the same way the rest of the crowd does. This doesn’t make you a follower. Your leadership and uniqueness shines through your personality more than through your method.


Doing nothing, literally nothing at all should be a priority this week. Take time to stare off into space. You deserve it.


A change to your appearance might not feel like it will help you connect with your spiritual self, but it totally can! If you want to feel more deeply and connect more with others, try wearing turquoise! If you want to feel more stable and secure, coloring your hair auburn or wearing brownish-red tones you’ll absorb that vibe!


This week is great for trying new things! It doesn’t have to be wild, spontaneous or silly, but anything new you try will bring great satisfaction.


Change your mindset to allow money to flow to you in greater amounts and more freely. The better your energetic relationship with money the more of it you will have. Make a habit of thinking positively about money if you want more.

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Other people keep pressuring you to eat the food they’re offering you this week. On the one hand you don’t want to be rude by not accepting it, but on the other hand you’re totally fine without it… What do YOU want? It’s okay to assert that politely.


This is a week for expressing yourself through writing! What you write can help you to connect with spirit, to manifest a soulmate, or to inspire others. Your superpowers this week come from what you write on paper, or on the internet.


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