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Tarotscopes for June 9th - June 15th 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday! These horoscopes were divined for you with the help of angels and your favorite tarot reader (me). For even more support, consider getting a personal reading.

Remember to check out your Moon sign's tarotscope for love vibes and your Rising sign's tarotscope for career (read about why here). And go check out Youtube for your free monthly tarot readings. General for your Sun, Love for your Moon, and Money/Career for your Rising!



When your life is balanced, your life is HAPPY.


Seeing things from a different perspective might take time, but it’s worth doing. It’s okay to change your opinion, and it’s actually wise.


Focus less on arguing with people on the internet, and more on making money this week.


Things are getting better for you this week. Look forward to prosperity and growth!


You are not always the best. You might always think you’re the best, but it’s okay to let other people shine too.


Your decisions this week are really important. Make sure that you’re thinking everything through!


It’s a good week to fall in love, to have deep intimacy and to bond- but consider whether or not you can see a future that you actually want with whomever this happens with before you dive in.


Sure, things you thought were safe and wouldn’t end did in fact end. Trust your intuition to lead you to the next thing. You’ll see this was all for a reason.


Others might not see you in amazing light this week, but it’s not your fault. Don’t let this get you down, don’t feel defeated. The smoke will clear soon.


Happiness is the vibe this week! It’s sometimes hard to feel certain that good things are about to happen but your patience and planning ensure that it’s coming!


The tough shit you’ve been going through might feel like it’s never going to get better, it WILL once you confront your shadow energies.


Get used to this cycle of financial abundance! It’s not going anywhere!


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