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Tarotscopes for March 10th-16th 2020

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Welcome to yet another week of Tarotscopes! I hope these give you the best advice for tackling this week; but reach out if you need a little bit more guidance! XOXO


Positive thoughts create positive results! Encourage others to follow your optimistic and positive lead this week, then watch YOUR life get better and better. Your blessings are amplified as you share what you know.


You're not ready to make big changes quite yet. Take deep breaths in the meantime and you'll know when the time is right.


You're not your strong Leo self this week, but others still see you that way. Know that you're surrounded by love and that everything will be okay.


The bad news is you can't fix stupid people. The good news is they have reached the highest levels of how badly they can fuck shit up, so things are only up from here.


Not everyone is going to appreciate all that you do, but your talents and gifts ARE appreciated by many and you should remember that this week.


Not everyone at work has your best interest in mind, but the jokes on them because happy news is coming for you at work anyway!


Here's your step by step guide to this week: 1. Don't worry. 2. Give zero fucks. 3. Say no. 4. Feel awesome because everything is turning around now for the better!


You might not know what you stand for or what you want just yet, but your recent habit of attracting garbage to your life has finally been broken. BRAVO!


Some people are mean and stupid but you have other relationships with people who aren't. Focus on those because they brighten your life and your mood this week.


If you remain focused on what you don't have you're not going to be successful at attracting what you want. Focus on what you DO have and your finances will reflect this mindset shift prosperously.


While you can choose to resist unhealthy foods, you shouldn't completely deprive yourself of what you love. Sometimes loving yourself means looking out for your health so that you can be around for many years to come, but you're NOT loving yourself if you're depriving yourself of things you enjoy. Exercising to excess and not giving yourself those Netflix binges you love occasionally is NOT self-love either. Moderation is key, but deprivation is debilitating this week.


Don't feel bad for not doing things you don't feel like doing this week. Other people don't get to dictate what YOUR priorities should be. Whatever works for you is acceptable. As you change your mindset others will follow suit.


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