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Tarotscopes for March 17th-23rd 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday to my favorite Tarotscope viewers!! I hope you're going to have an amazing week! XOXO


Someone want's to say "HELLO! I am here! Love has arrived in your life! NOTICE ME! I am your SOULMATE." but you don't even notice them. If you want love, it's there for you, so open your eyes!


You don't really want to go out of your way this week to give and show love to others. That's okay though, because this week is supposed to be about YOU. Indulge in music, and see how it helps you heal whatever it is that needs healing this week in your subconscious.


It's always going to be challenging to be patient, especially with idiots, and further to not bitch about it... but this is a week of GOOD LUCK, ABUNDANCE and OVERWHELMING JOY if you're open to it. Keep your vibes right!


You don't need anyones permission to do anything you want to do. You also don't need to tell anyone what you're doing and explain or justify it either. You feel alot less stressed if you live your life on your own terms instead of trying to please everyone else.


There's an opportunity you should jump on FAST this week, but you have to act fast, and you better be paying attention so you don't miss it! Notice how you feel, trust your intuition. Commit wholeheartedly only if it feels like a "fuck yeah!" if you have any doubt, or discomfort, that's not the opportunity they're referring to.


Not all people are your people... There are 8 billion or so people in the world, so why do you care what some people (who aren't your people) think?


Bad memories, hard lessons, pain, regret, hopelessness, lack of belief in one's self... these are all things that are related on the SHITTY VIBRATION scale. Of course you can't just flip a switch and have everything be joyful and magical immediately but you CAN get out of this funk one step and one day at a time because you're SMART. You're also intuitive. With both intelligence and intuition you can do this if you try every day.


Your inability to try a new approach is the reason you keep finding yourself in the same shitty situations that make you unhappy. If you already know what doesn't work, why do you keep trying to do it the same way?


If someone betrays you, then that just means that they weren't trying to acheive what you were. Get over it now. You don't get to move forward if we keep thinking so hard about the betrayal and how or why they would do that...


Finally accepting a situation for what it is and not trying to change it doesn't mean that you don't still need spiritual guidance and to pay attention to signs and omens. Yes, bravo, we are proud of you and you should be proud of yourself, BUT you're about to be fucked over in the finances sector of your life if you aren't tuned in to the spirit world that is trying to help you avoid the problem coming down the pipe.


IT IS NOT THE TIME TO START SOMETHING NEW- especially not in business. Trust your instincts because you're spot on, it doesn't matter if you can't explain why or how you know something. Trust that gut!


When things suck, it doesn't mean that good things aren't coming. It means it's not time for awesomeness YET. Remember this detail about life and how the universe works this week!


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