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Tarotscopes for March 31st - April 6th 2020

Merriest of Tarot Tuesdays to you! I hope Spring time finds you quickly and brings you joy! The advice in these Tarotscopes straight from the Angels will hopefully help with that joy thing too.


Take a walk outside by yourself if you can. It'll stop you from feeling like a crazy person this week. You don't have much to offer others if you feel completely out of control.


Your problems aren't going to solve themselves no matter how bad you want them to. You're going through this shit right now in order to give you skills and considerations that will help you and help you to help others in the future. Try to see the bright side of your frustrations and get back to life as usual by tackling what you need to head on.


Have that conversation about what you can't stop thinking about. You have the strength to do it and to share how you feel. Keeping it all inside because you're afraid you're not strong enough is bullshit. You are a LION.


Congrats! You're the winner of the week! It looks like you have a lot to be happy about and new lifetime friends and partners are entering your life! Lucky!


When you keep thinking that everything stays the same, you keep attracting the same old outcomes. If you want something new, you have to try something new...


Try and try again. You never know what's possible until you try. Don't refuse to try just because you're afraid things won't end up how you hope, they could turn out even better!


Everything happens for a reason, so there's nothing to worry about.


Happy times are on their way, but you have to be open to them. Also you have to leave your cats at home and go out to experience them.


You're not paying enough attention to signs and omens, therefore you're also not properly assessing what is and is not worth your time.


Doing the right thing means speaking up and speaking out. You need to stand tall and stand up. Others will respect you greatly for this.


Positive thoughts create positive outcomes! This week will be amazing if you focus on the amazing shit in your life and appreciate it!

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When you're not clear on your goals, it's not clear on how to achieve them. When you lack self compassion, you also lack belief in yourself and then even if you did have clear goals, you're still at a non-start... GET OVER THIS. You can do anything you want to do, so believe that and decide!


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