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Tarotscopes for March 3rd - 9th 2020

Updated: Mar 8, 2020


Doing your best work means getting the best rewards for it this week! Be open to receive blessings in unexpected ways for your dedication and for all that you do!


A focus on fun is needed this week. Life is for living so live it up!


See things from a different perspective. The truth is that even though you want people to be the best versions of themselves, they might not want to be the best version of them self right now and you're not going to convince them otherwise. Just do you, and let them be who they are even though they have the potential for more.


Doing something creative helps you appreciate life and all it's lessons. The best songs are created from the most painful experiences as are many of the worlds greatest masterpieces. Create beauty and joy!


If you don't feel confident why would opportunity be drawn to you? If you don't believe you're great at your job, why would you get promoted to a higher position? If you don't think you're lovable with lots to offer, why would anyone else think that and ask you out? If you want something better you have to BELIEVE you deserve something better first.


Healing doesn't happen overnight. You have a whole life of unresolved shit to work through so be a bit more patient with yourself. The reason why no one is perfect is because we literally don't have the time on earth to achieve perfection.


You have to connect with others and allow them in this week, all the things you're uncertain about become clear if you come out of your shell and life gets better for you even if you don't believe that it will help. You help others all the time, why is it impossible that others can help you as well?


You have to say no from time to time even if you don't want to. When we always say yes to others then it's our own fault that we get taken advantage of.


Nothing to be disappointed by this week! More money and less problems, LUCKY.


Your focus is getting clear and your self-approval has finally taken precedence over what others think of you. Be proud of yourself and know that great things are coming to you as a result of focusing on yourself!


Love doesn't come when you focus so much on the fact it hasn't yet. Have you ever felt immense attraction to someone who whines and groans about how lonely they are? NOPE. You might give them a pity fuck, but you don't actually want to commit to them, right?


There's always something to be grateful for and happy about, even if you can't feel gratitude for everything. Things could be way worse than they are so express a lot of gratitude for what's going right so that you attract into your life even MORE to be thankful for.


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