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Tarotscopes for May 12th - May 18th 2020

Check out these tarotscopes for your Sun sign in general, your Moon in love, and Rising sign in career (read about why here)! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube for free monthly Tarot Readings. There's a video for your Sun, Moon, and Rising being released every month; don't miss them!

Without further ado, your Tarot Tuesday Horoscopes by yours truly and the Angels.



You might not understand the point of a lot of things, let alone the purpose of your existence; but this week understand that adding love to all tasks, situations and relationships  needs to be a top priority.


You're a little less in love with yourself this week than usual, but the world isn't getting that same message. Why are you trying to fake it until you make it? Work on solving the problem that leaves you feeling less than your best self so you can get back to being who that person is.

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You're a little full of yourself this week and it would do you some good to appreciate the points of view of other people because they are actually well meaning.


What a transformative week! Everything is connected to love this week which gives you a unique opportunity to forgive others and to forgive yourself and release any past hurts.


This is a powerful week to co-create all of the things that you are trying to manifest in your life. Take one action step (even if it’s small) in the direction of your dreams!

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Just because things are easy for you this week doesn't mean that you aren't learning and growing anyway. Work on being more compassionate with others and infusing love into all of your relationships and conversations.


Every act of love or kind word that you put out into the universe this week will not only change the lives of others, but will come back to you in a tidal wave of blessings!


The only person that is responsible for the amount of love that you show and give to others is you. Make the choice to manifest love into every circumstance and relationship that you have this week.


When you are not compassionate with yourself, you are choosing to lock yourself up in a dark prison cell and throw away the key. When you learn to be kind and forgiving to your own self, you are encouraging others to do the same and to grow by your example.


Express your own unique qualities. It's a little easier this week to feel confident in doing so and the world wants to know who you are; they’re not interested in seeing who you think you should change to become or pretend to be.


If you don't see a person changing their behaviors, you are right not to trust them this week.


People are going to match your energy and behavior. The Golden Rule of treating others how you want to be treated is massively important this week. Go as far as thinking about people in the best light possible so that they will think of you in the best light possible in return.


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