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Tarotscopes for May 19th - May 25th 2020

What are your plans this week? I hope it's to follow the advice the angels are giving in these tarotscopes! Or maybe it's getting a personal reading done with your favorite psychic?

Remember to check out your Moon sign's tarotscope for love vibes and your Rising sign's tarotscope for career (read about why here). And don't forget Youtube to watch your free monthly tarot readings! There's 3 videos for your chart- General for your Sun, Love for your Moon, and Money/Career for your Rising!



Your impatience is nothing new, but your willingness to compromise should be something new that you show others this week because you will love what will come from cooperating!


Owning all of Who You Are, your mistakes, and your accomplishments will help you to feel more satisfied with life in general- but this week it has a particularly powerful effect to raise your vibration which will benefit your life in so many ways. Make sure that you choose to take a look at where you've been and how it got you to where you are so you can have the future that you want.


You may have recently been prioritizing the wrong things in your life. Release the need to try to control circumstances, situations, and people and create a new vision of what you want by focusing only on the things that you can actually control.


This is a week of self-expression, not entirely changing who you show up as to the world, but showing more of who you are underneath what you show everyone on a day-to-day basis.


Just because some people are unfriendly doesn't mean they don't deserve your respect this week. Sometimes people have a bad day and it's not actually about you. Don’t take everything so personal.


Towards the end of last week you might have started to feel connected to the universe, to love, and two other people. The vibe continues this week as you start to appreciate  that there is love within all people and there is something to admire in every soul!


This might not be your happiest week, but this week is an opportunity to talk about how you actually feel instead of hiding that from the world. Live in the moment and share about what you're currently going through.


You can't get what you want in life if you're not committed to going after it. Hoping for it is only half the battle. Take tiny steps all week to co-create what it is that you truly desire and forgive yourself for being lazy in the co-creation aspect in the past. You can stick to things, you just have to try a little harder.


This week is all about releasing old patterns even if you don't know what you want next. As long as you know what you don't want, the next part is a little bit easier.

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It's hard to be thankful for everything in our lives,  but when we frame the s*** as a lesson, we can then love that s*** and release what was keeping us stuck so we move forward in love and in life!


You've been feeling stuck for a while now. Make a point to show love to other people because even though it might not immediately change the circumstances that you are in, it will pay off for you later.


Your individuality is very much appreciated by others. Fully love and embrace how different you are, and try something new this week!


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