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Tarotscopes for May 26th - June 1st 2020

Happy Tarot Tuesday! Enjoy these tarotscopes from the angels and I! For even more support, consider getting a personal reading this week (guaranteed in 24 hours or less!)

Remember to check out your Moon sign's tarotscope for love vibes and your Rising sign's tarotscope for career (read about why here). And go check out Youtube for your free monthly tarot readings. General for your Sun, Love for your Moon, and Money/Career for your Rising!



Your intuition is off this week. You can get it back as well as your creativity if you indulge in some form of cleansing; whether that is drinking lemon water, exfoliating hard in the shower, or a spiritual type of cleanse. The point is that innovation comes by way of clearing away old energy.


You might be feeling empty this week because you're out of balance to some degree. Focus on yourself and what your needs are before attempting to serve others.


You are shining your bright Leo light as usual, but what is the point? If you aren't sure on what you want, how are you going to attract it? Use this bright light vibe to your advantage!


You are really focused this week, but on the wrong things. Determine what the end goal is instead of focusing on what is right in front of you, because it's not going to matter soon anyway.


Stop worrying about what you can't control (#typicalVirgo). You can't change other people, they are who they are- worry about your own stuff.


There is help and support available to you, but you're not taking it. Did you know that taking advantage of other people's offers to help is actually honoring them? You are doing others a kind deed by allowing them to feel useful.


This toxic, stuck feeling should be alleviated by the time you read tarotscopes again next week. You are accepting less than what you deserve; choose instead to only accept what you are giving out. Relationships require balance and equity if they are going to be successful.


Even though you may have lost faith and you don't feel connected to the universe in ways that you usually do, magical things are happening behind the scenes on your behalf!


You're not being particularly generous with your time and your energy… Part of the reason for this is that your own energy is stuck and stagnant. Love yourself exactly as you are today. You don't need to change anything to be more worthy of love; especially from your own goddamn self!

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You are finally moving on from what's been holding you back; even though you are slow as f*** about it. If you spent more time listening to your actual feelings and viewing them from further outside what you're immersed in, this would be a lot easier and quicker of a process for you.


You are way too focused on things you shouldn't be right now. Any darkness you feel you’re walking through is going to take longer to get through unless you change your focus.


Literally being upside down this week- whether you hang from monkey bars, you do a handstand, or you do some flips in a swimming pool- will give you a much more lighthearted and joyful view of the world and life!


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