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Tarotscopes for May 5th - May 11th 2020

Another week, another set of the BEST and most accurate Tarotscopes around! You can also get the most accurate personal advice when you get a personal reading for more specific answers!

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You're not being compassionate with others this week. Make an effort to reach out and understand the details of what they are feeling.


Trust takes a long time to build, but if you're not actively working on building it, you're missing out on what others have to give you and only hurting yourself.


Ask the universe for what you want. It's time to let go of the same old even though it's comfortable for you. Figure out what you really want!

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Try appreciating the point of view of other people. It doesn't mean your point of view isn't also valid, but you need to at least attempt this.


What an awesome week for you! You’re overflowing with joy, happiness, and love. Everything is harmonious and you are connected to everything. Bravo on changing your perspective!


Compromise feels really good on the inside. Be willing to do it this week.


Not everyone is as kind as you are, so don't go out of your way for those kinds of people this week.


It's going to feel strange and unusual, but it's time to go with the flow and release any attempt to control situations that you actually cannot.


You might feel like something is brewing underneath the surface that can throw everything out of order. You’re keeping it together for now and that counts for something.Go easy on yourself and go with the flow.


This is a powerful week to manifest your dreams, but you have to be committed to the process of it every single day.


You're feeling stuck and trapped this week. It's uncomfortable, but it's not forever!


If you don't commit to fully loving yourself every day this week, you're going to feel like shit everyday this week.

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