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Tarotscopes November 26- December 2

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Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well! If you're not sure why you're sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, here's a video to explain.

This week's Tarotscope runs November 26, 2019, through December 2nd, 2019.


You're having a super hard time connecting to others on a deep level this week. You may feel strain in your relationships as a result, or difficulty in developing new ones. It's important that you keep the faith that you're capable of deep and meaningful connections, even though it's hard right now. This is a passing energy and isn't permanent. Watch the Aries tarot reading for this month on YouTube.


Take a literal deep breath, but take a figurative breather as well. You need the time to restore your energy so you can get back out in the world flaunting all that fire energy the rest of the zodiac admires about and expects from you. Watch the Sagittarius reading for this month on YouTube.


You're moving really fast and furious, which is great! It's only great, however, if you're able to stay super focused on what is most important and you're not accidentally prioritizing the wrong things or getting distracted. The energy of speed and enthusiasm is the energy of your element fire. Fire burns things up and causes a lot of damage though when it's not contained! Watch the Leo tarot reading for this month on YouTube.


Not all the people around you this week are very trustworthy, and that sucks. Your spirit guides and angels are trustworthy though and offer support and protection, so make sure you ask for that, as well as for help in discerning who is in your corner and who is just pretending to be. Watch the monthly tarot card reading for Taurus on Youtube.


This week you need to be really thankful for all the things that are going right with your physical health. Imagine how shitty things would be if various illnesses struck or if you lost the function of certain body parts. When we express gratitude for the things that we have (click here to see a super awesome blog post on how to feel happier in literally seconds with my gratitude method), and the things that are going right, which we often take for granted, we are simultaneously manifesting the continuation of those blessings. Watch the Virgo tarot reading for the month on YouTube.


You finally have the help and support you need around you or are starting to notice where you can find it, but things may still seem out of balance until you're fully utilizing the assistance. Watch the Capricorn monthly video tarot reading on YouTube.


If there was ever a week to gratitude journal, this is the week for you (click here to see a super awesome blog post on how to feel happier in literally seconds with my gratitude method)! It's not just the week to do this because it's Thanksgiving either... Sure there are some issues in the past that totally sucked that you're afraid my pop up again and ruin your life, but you're over and through them now and that's something to be grateful for! You've learned a lot in your struggles. These lessons that were hard to learn have put you in a position now to have all the things that you truly desire in life! Be thankful so you can manifest them at greater speed. Watch the tarot card reading for Cancer this month on YouTube.


All of a sudden the rest of the zodiac is looking at you saying "whoa! You're doing really great!" and it's because you've started to make healthier choices in your emotional and physical bodies. Way to go! Absorb all the praise and admiration because you deserve it! You earned it! Watch the Pisces tarot card reading for the month on YouTube.


If you're being lied to and fucked over, it's because you chose to be in this situation and around these people when YOU KNEW (because you're one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac) that you should have stepped away. Watch the Scorpio monthly video Tarot Reading on YouTube.


Strong ancestor energy for you this week! Dead relatives are helping you to get your shit in order. If you feel like something/someone is watching you go through documents or sort out your closet, you're right... Watch the Libra video tarot reading for this month on YouTube.


You might be feeling abandoned and/or depressed this week, but trust this is a necessary part of the process of being ready to accept the gifts that you've been manifesting into your life. Miracles exist, but they only happen if things get fucked up first, right? Watch the Gemini tarot card reading for this month on YouTube.


You're not feeling supremely enthused or confident this week but it's not as shitty as it sounds if you're paying attention. Your angels are sending you signs of their presence this week. It might be in the form of pennies or feathers found, or repeating number messages and these are specifically to help you feel better. Watch the Aquarius Video Reading for the month on YouTube.

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