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The Only Tarot Spread For Love Readings You'll Ever Need (And Why It's Magic!)

The secret to giving an excellent tarot reading regardless of whether you are trying to find out about someone's love life or your own love life, is in knowing how to ask the right questions to get the answers you are looking for.

It sounds arrogant to say that this tarot spread I've created is the best way to do a love reading; but I have used it on thousands of clients around the globe, empathetically connecting to their experiences, and predicting outcomes with precision and accuracy pretty far into the future! It's highly reliable and that's why I want you to use it!

The more skilled tarot readers there are, the more people believe in spiritually related things, the more people believe the more they raise their own vibration, the more people raising their vibration, the higher vibration of the planet and the less everything sucks for literally everyone... You're basically obligated to start using this...

The Only Love Reading Tarot Spread You'll EVER Need

Suzy (or whomever you're reading for is) might ask any of the following questions:

  • How Does Brad Feel About Me?

  • Should I Move On?

  • Is Carl my Twin Flame?

  • Is Joe cheating on me?

It really doesn't matter what she asks about her love life... If she is inquiring about someone specific, this is the spread to use.

(I will explain why after I tell you how to do it).

  1. Pull three cards for what the other person thinks about Suzy

  2. Pull three cards for how they feel about Suzy

  3. Pull three cards for their intentions with Suzy

  4. Pull one card for the short-term outcome

  5. Pull one card for the long-term outcome

At first glance this spread looks basic AF, but I swear it's magical.

It's simplicity makes it easy to remember. It also reveals much about hidden feelings, miscommunications and human behavior. Humans don't always act predictably. This spread picks up on the subtle nuances which lend much higher degrees of predictive accuracy and precision. Here's why:

  • People often have internal struggles between the head and the heart, this spread examines both, comparing and contrasting the difference.

  • A person can deeply love you, know you're their soulmate, but still avoid a relationship if their intention doesn't align with #relationshipGoals.

  • People change their minds, interests, aspirations, expectations, and sometimes even their own hearts. The short and long term outcomes help explain how and why evidence provided leads to where it does.

Every professional tarot reader has "that client" that comes to you not actually wanting the truth, but to be told what they want to hear. Sometimes "that client" will even argue with you about your relationship predictions for the future (even though they were mystified with the accuracy and precision of everything else you told them up to that point). "That client" is also the one that calls you a few months or years later saying "I didn't want to believe it at the time, but it played out exactly how you said it would. I am a believer for life." They then become your future best client because this spread was so reliable in building the case, and because you confidently stood by your prediction.

FAQs for this spread:

  • Why can't I get an accurate reading simply asking how someone feels? Because I can love you intensely but still do a bunch of crystal meth tomorrow, and in a paranoid black out rage end up murdering you in your sleep. A less extreme example would be that I love you intensely but also have a history of trauma and low emotional intelligence. As much as I may want to be ready to learn how to have healthy relationships, as much as I love you and as much as love grows, resentment might too. Love isn't the only factor that determines relationship outcomes. I can deeply love you, but want a different lifestyle than you. I can deeply love you but feel also feel a strong obligation to my family's or societies pressure and expectations. I can deeply love you but also be a pathological liar and destroy all the trust. Love isn't the only factor that determines relationship outcomes.

  • Why can't I get an accurate reading simply asking about intentions? I can buy a gym membership with the intention of going to the gym to get buff. If I don't love going to the gym (see row 2 of spread), and I don't think (row 3) that getting buff is more important than rest, work, friends, money, etcetera; I am actually buying the gym membership to guilt myself into going in the future. My intention is good, but I am likely to continue to procrastinate and not use it. The short term outcome might predict that I'll go to the gym a lot for the next couple weeks, but the long-term outcome has clear evidence (rows 1 & 2) to support the cards that declare its not going to work out.

  • Why can't I just read the short term and long term outcomes? Humans are curious and suspicious. They want to know why things happen, they want to understand in order to feel secure. You could do this but without going in depth your client wont trust you, nor will they remember anything you said.


Try this out and let me know how it works for you! Do you want to learn how to build your own super accurate spreads and master tarot? Check out my free videos on youtube or take a lesson!

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