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This Weeks Tarot Horoscopes- December 24th - 30th

Happy Tarot Tuesday and Happy Holidays! Every Tuesday you can check here, on Instagram, or Facebook to see what the week (running Tuesday through Monday) has in store for your zodiac sign!

This is the last full week of the year! Let's see what it's all about. Click here for your zodiac sign's monthly video readings on YouTube!


New beginnings that you never saw coming are arriving this week! You're connecting to others in more deep and meaningful ways than you have before even if it wasn't something on the top of your wish list. Shine your inner light, speaking with honesty and integrity this week and you'll be really pleased with the results!


You have tremendous power this week. Things can literally change in a positive way for you overnight. Visualize what you want, take a deep breath and be ready to go after your dreams!


You don't need more tips/tricks/knowledge/tools/preparation to achieve your dreams. You can take what you have in your arsenal already and plant the seeds. THEY WILL GROW with a little time. It's hard to be patient but it's worth it this week!


Let the walls around your heart down. You're not going to be heartbroken except if you leave them up.


What a beautiful week for you! It's all about new beginnings, and dreams coming true! LUCKY!


If you're feeling like you're not moving forward and that you don't have the appropriate people around to help you, you're sort of correct. YOUR healing is YOUR job. YOU are who you need right now. Well, you and some music...


It's hard to let loose and celebrate or have fun when things are constantly miscommunicated, but communication and life are never perfect. They are never going to be perfect, so fuck it. Have fun anyway, even if it requires you to have a solo adventure.


Typical water sign energy means you're deep in your emotions. There are ways you want to be "better" in life and while you recognize and wish for it, you actually need to try to do it too. It's hard to integrate new routines that are good for us into our daily routines but it's the secret to achieving.


Remembering some bad experiences? Don't hate, meditate... Sure there are some truly evil cunts in your history, but choosing love over the alternative is going to make you feel better.


It's gonna be hard to resolve things (especially at work) and get what you want if you're not spiritualizing your situation and asking others to assist you. These two small adjustments will be really helpful in finishing tasks and reaching goals before the year ends.


You are DONE suffering in silence, which means the suffering is over, NOT that you're complaining outloud... New beginnings are making their way into your life for the new year as long as you can stay calm and stay positive!


Unless you can figure out how to trust your own intuition you shouldn't be making big decisions this week, especially in regards to your relationships. You can still connect with others without making massive efforts.

Remember to check your moon sign and rising sign as well! If you're not sure why your sun sign doesn't give you the clearest picture of your week on its own, here's a video to explain.

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